Friday Chit Chat: It begins…


A long time ago, The Boy was part of a community theatre group. His parts varied, but he participated in quite a few shows (Annie, Oliver, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, The Music Man, The Wizard of Oz and a holiday dinner show).

He took a couple of years off, thought he wouldn’t go back, and then decided to give it another shot with this fall’s show which happens to be Alice in Wonderland. It’s an original production, so the parts are totally unique and so are the songs. I heard some of the songs last night and they are fabulous.

Auditions take place next week. I want to be all stage-mom’ish with the advice and all but I am going to hang back this year. It’s HIS deal. What complicates it this time, is that…

The Girl is doing it too.

The last show she did was the holiday dinner show and she spent every rehearsal sitting on a stool next to the music director because (1) she couldn’t read the lyrics at the age of 4, and (2) she was so easily distracted that she’d trail off and be completely lost.

Nearly four years later, she is more mature but she is a bit of a diva. Moods swing at any given time. Last night she was all smiles when we arrived, but about 20 minutes in, she was crying her eyes out because she didn’t see any of her friends. Such a tender age. Also, a frustrating age because she is so, so sweet yet can be such a pill at the same time.

The rehearsals are closed, which is probably a good thing but it means that I end up sitting in my car for long periods of time. Last night, at audition prep I got to watch so I could help them later if they needed it. What did I do?

Angry Birds

I played Angry Birds. Yeah, it’s going to take some time to get back into the swing of things.


16 thoughts on “Friday Chit Chat: It begins…”

    1. Well, let’s hope so. The Girl’s bedtime is 8pm and the last few nights, her schedule has been irregular so she has been CRABBY and difficult.

  1. AH! It beings! So… so much for reading time, huh? Angry birds IS addicting, I’ll give you that. So is hangman… are you playing? If you are – we definitely need to duel. 😉

    Just out of curiosity, did any of The Girl’s friends finally show up? Maybe she’ll make a whole new group of friends from this — not that any 8 year old wants to have to make new friends when they’ve got a perfectly good set already – but still might be useful for future productions.

    1. Oh, the drama of having a girl… Yes, her friends showed up but they are going for a different role than her, so their times were different. They will all be together in the ensemble but she doesn’t quite understand the whole, “trying out for a lead” thing.

  2. I love the theater! My youngest has been bitten by the acting bug big time! Oh, to be her age..tell her to direct all the drama to the drama! :). Have fun 😀

    1. The only time I ever play it, is if I am waiting around for something and can’t read (like it’s dark out and I forgot my book light). It’s a huge time suck. Avoid it if you can!

    1. I love school productions. My daughter is okay with them but with this group she gets a little starstruck. Big theatre, large audience…curtains. LOL. She is not at all shy but when it comes to this stuff, she is. Can’t figure it out.

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