My Recent Obsession

Haruki Murakami Books

After reading and reviewing Kafka on the Shore, I quickly read Dance, Dance. Dance (review to come) and then found myself without a Murakami book to read. Luckily for me, I won a gift card from Wendy! Murakami has several books out there so I went with the three that piqued my interest the most.

It’s hard for me to express just how much I love him his writing. His books are strange and wonderful.  They appeal to me in a way that other books don’t. It’s almost like I’m exercising a muscle I never knew I had.

Anyway, these are the three books I ended up with.

Are you obsessed with an author?

27 thoughts on “My Recent Obsession”

  1. I haven’t read any Murakami, but I’ve got one from the book sale Sputnik Sweetheart. Have you read it? Which is your favourite Murakami book?

    1. I’ve only read the two thus far…but between them. I’d say that I liked Dance, Dance, Dance a bit better than Kafka on the Shore. Both left an impression on me though. I hope to have all of his books read by this time next year. Everyone RAVES about Wind-Up Bird, says it’s his best so we’ll see if that holds true for me.

      Sputnik is pretty short. Might be a good one for you to read first.

  2. Yes…I become obsessed and have to read everything by that author…and then when I am done I obsess with the next author…right now it is Claudia Gray…but I have done this with many authors…

    1. It’s fun to have a reading obsession until you run out of books! I remember when I was obsessed with King and read everything that he had out at the time and then just ran out of books. I think I was despondent for weeks… until I found Koontz 🙂

  3. I am guilty of loving a particular book and then buying all the author’s other books (or close to it) only to not get back to that author again for awhile. Terrible, terrible.

    I haven’t yet read Murakami but he is on my list of must read authors. I am glad you put the gift card to such good use – as if there were doubts! 🙂

    1. I did make good use out of the gift cert, didn’t I? It took me forever to figure out which ones to get though. Everyone says Wind-Up Bird is the best so I wil read the other two first.

  4. I tried The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle a long time ago, and I had some issues with it. I think it was long before I was comfortable with different genres and styles, and I can imagine that I would probably do a lot better with Murakami now, after having grown a bit. Glad to see that you are indulging your obsession!

    1. Heather, you make an excellent point. I do feel as if I’ve grown as a reader. Perhaps that is why his books are clicking with me right now. I seem to recall trying to read him years ago and not being successful. It could have been Ishiguro though. I have a hard time getting into his books.

  5. I haven’t read any of his books and I really want to but I’m scared! I think I might pull a muscle in my brain, lol… or just be really dumb and not get it! I can’t think of any specific author obsessions right now but I have had them..

    1. LOL!! I felt that way at the beginning of Kafka on the Shore. I was like, “What?? Did he just go there?” I felt stupid for all of ten minutes and then stopped fighting it. I don’t think there is any one, right way to interpret his work. You can pull all sorts of meaning out of his writing. I think that’s why I like him so much.

  6. I have Kafka on my Kindle and Wind-Up Birl on my shelves,but I’ve not yet taken the plunge. I know he is outside many people’s comfort zones, but that is a good thing. I did really like his memoir “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. If you love him, you would love getting inside his head.

    To answer your question, at the moment, Nesbo.

    1. Haha! You? No way! Never. You know what totally threw me the other day? I saw a trailer for some movie coming out and it had the guy who played Mik in the first Dragon Tatt movie. Totally threw me off. He’s in American films now. Only fair since we felt the need to redo the Swedish version.

  7. I guess I am somewhat obsessed with Ann Patchett, but I haven’t yet read all her books. I am a bit intrigued by this author. I have already wishlisted Kafka on the shore after reading your review, and am I now looking at a possibility of adding more books to my TBR? 🙂

  8. I have Kafka on the Shore sitting on my TBR right now but have been a little afraid to start. Murakami intimidates me a little bit, and I’m not sure why. I’ve heard such great things about his work though, so I might just have to bump this one up and give it a try soon.

  9. What took you sooooo.. long Ti? I read almost all his books except 4 and endeavour to read all of them soon including his new 1Q84. I’m glad you jump onto the Haruki Murakami bandwagon. Welcome aboard!

  10. Sometimes I get obsessed with others, but usually I tend to be drawn to certain topics or genres. Interesting… I’ve never really thought about that before. I need to pay more attention to what I’m reading. (Which sounds strange coming from a book blogger).

  11. I’ve gotten obsessed with authors from time to time (Christopher Moore, Tom Perrotta). I want to try this author … I’ve been hearing things about him ever since I started book blogging.

  12. I’ve not read anything by Murakami and am not sure I’d enjoy the style of writing but I’m curious! I have gotten obsessed with an author, years ago I started reading the Sue Grafton alphabet series and had to start from the beginning and still read them when they come out. I often get obsessed with new authors and can’t wait until they publish their next novel.

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