The Sunday Salon: Long Live Disco

The Girl at Concerts in the Park

It’s been a busy and full weekend, but a fun weekend at that. On Saturday we hit a concert in the park (1st time, although they have them every summer) and it was so much fun! We’ve never gone before because we are not “crowd” types. I hate crowds and screaming kids. But, it was Boogie Nights and with all the disco pumping out of those speakers, I didn’t notice the people so much.

The only hard part was getting around. I did something to the heel on my foot, which made walking excruciatingly painful. I think it was from lugging around my work laptop (ancient and heavy) all this week. So, there wasn’t any dancing coming from me, but it was still fun. God, I love disco.

The Boy at Lunch

Today we hit an aquarium that we’ve never been to before. The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is (in my opinion), so much better than the other one near us that is so overly hyped. Small exhibits, but a lot of them hands-on. Plus, it’s located within a tiny coastal park. It was lovely.

After that we hit a popular Mexican joint for lunch. We had a view of the harbor and the food was great. Sizzling fajitas and shrimp enchiladas. Very tasty.

The Sunday Salon

Somewhere in between all this fun, I managed to catch a cold. I never even felt it coming, but it’s hit me full force and I am about to call it a night. I have about ten more pages of Domestic Violets to read before I finish it, so I am going to curl-up with it and top it off with some Nyquil.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

13 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Long Live Disco”

  1. I would have loved a disco concert in the park! Boogie Fever! I loved all your pictures on Facebook! Sorry about your foot. A couple of summers ago I was tromping around barefoot out back and stepped on a rock that must have bruised my heel to the bone, because it hurt for six months.

  2. Your concert in the park looks just like ours: casual, lots of people great music (how come Santa Barbara doesn’t get a disco one?!), and fun. And, Mexican food by the harbor? Fantastic. Have a great week

  3. What a fun weekend! Good for you going out to Disco Park! And I love a good acquarium! So sorry you ended up injured and ill. I hope you feel better fast!

    Your son is growing so quickly…I won’t tell you how old he looks!

  4. Nothing worse than a summer cold. But Nyquil is my drug of choice for colds. Interested to see what you think of Domestic Violets. I just got my copy.

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