It’s Friday so I am going to gush a little…

It’s been a trying week for me. I had to cover for someone here at work and although most of the past two weeks went okay, petty frustrations got the best of me yesterday and I turned into a snarling, not-so-fun-to-be-around shrew. I think the shrew has left the building and in part, it had a lot to do with two packages that showed up at my door last night:

The Leftovers

The Art of Fielding

I’ll share how it went down…

In walked The Shrew (me, crabby, hot and tired and looking like something the dog dragged in).

Me seeing those lovingly wrapped packages. Eyes light up. Hair suddenly looks better. I stand a little bit straighter.

Me opening packages. Smile spreads from ear to ear. Life is good. The evening is saved.

Click on each cover for more info. I cannot wait to begin these! Oh, and I will be giving away a copy of The Leftovers soon!

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday so I am going to gush a little…”

  1. After working for about sixty years, I now have time to read again.
    Books, that is.

    I finished The Help last week. I loved the writing style, getting the patois of the various interviewees down pat.

    Hope the movie does it justice.

    Paul Pease

  2. I loved The Art of Fielding, Ti. I hope you enjoy it too! And I agree…there is something about seeing a book-sized-package at the door that instantly changes my attitude & perspective.

  3. Oh yes, the shrew. She shows up at my house once in awhile. The last time she was here was when I spent an entire day shopping for school supplies and getting glasses for my daughter. She went away once the bottle of wine had been opened. But books would work too.

  4. A good mail day can make a lot of shrewish things disappear, huh? I was so excited to score an ARC of The Leftovers. I love Tom Perrotta and then when I found out the premise, I got super excited.

  5. Ain’t books wonderful?!
    Sounds to me like you deserved some fun packages after a rough 2 weeks. I just read a great review of Perrotta’s book and I think The Art of Fielding sounds fantastic!


  6. Oh you poor poor baby…sometimes snarling and growling are the best medicine…what is it about packages in the mail…so soothing…books and clothes in the mail…wondrous things…have a much deserved restful week end…

  7. It is so uplifting to find special gifts like these on our doorstep or in our mailbox. Always puts more pep in my step.

  8. I will try The Leftovers… he’s a great writer (haven’t read any reviews for this novel yet but hope it’s good).

    Sorry to hear you have had a tough week. Something must be in the air… I had no less than 10 fb friends say they had insomnia the same night too. strange.

  9. I know just what you mean! Sometimes we just need to see a few new book packages to bounce back up! I have Art of Fielding too. Can’t wait to start that!

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