The Sunday Salon: Look! We All Survived!

Sunday Salon

Yesterday afternoon, I was having fun going through all the tweets and Facebook posts about the Rapture. I know some folks seriously believed in it, so I’m not going to say anything in regards to that, but I’m glad we’re all still here. Plus, it was my 17th wedding anniversary so we went out to dinner as a family and watched silly movies afterward. It was very nice. Thanks to all of you who wished us well.

Today The Girl and I went out to lunch with a friend and her daughter. It was a regular “girl” lunch. Lots of girl talk and fun all around. We even split a sundae. It was yummy.

Right now I have meatballs cooking for spaghetti later and The Hub is about to go to a business convention for the afternoon. As soon as he leaves, I’m going to put my jammies on (it’s only 2:30pm here) and do some serious reading. The kids are sort of all over the place with their gadgets so the Otter Pup and I will sneak off to a quiet corner and relax a bit. That’s the plan anyway.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


13 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Look! We All Survived!”

    1. Wouldn’t it be something if it actually happened? In the back of my mind I was thinking, this is pure Hollywood movie making material yet no one touched it.

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  1. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to spend the day. I was up at the crack of dawn reading, drinking coffee, and watching the dogs play. Did some housework, laundry, prepped for lunches tomorrow and now I’m blogging!! Enjoy your evening 😀

  2. I’m so happy we all survived … and you got to celebrate your wedding anniversary. We were hanging out with neighbors and joking about it but then 6:00 came and these dark clouds rolled in and we were all like “Uh oh.” Just a rainstorm though.

  3. So happy Rapture didn’t happen… I want to see my son again!

    Congratulations on your anniversary, sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate.

    I haven’t read a page in a book in days… prepping for last night and tomorrow. No worries though… I have an 18 hour travel day tomorrow 🙂

    1. I saw your pics on FB. You had one of your spectacular dinner parties, didn’t you?

      Save travels to you! You’ll gets lots of reading in.

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  4. I got Jim started on The Snowman. He’s totally into it. I just finished If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman – loved them. Finished the YA dystopia Bumped – meh. I started a dumb book and gave it up, and picked up a different one (forgot what already!) to take on the plane tomorrow.

  5. On the positive side, maybe it made people re-evaluate their lives? I don’t know. I know it got an expression of love from my daughter, who doesn’t offer them easily these days. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Belated Anniversary!!!
    I heard on a morning show this morning that people were giving their life’s savings to this church and this minister…

    Hmmm…believers or really stupid?

    I just don’t get stuff like this.

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