The Sunday Salon: Poof! Gone!

The Sunday Salon

Oh, how I love my weekends. Why, oh why do they always end so quickly? It just doesn’t seem fair. I spent most of Saturday shuttling The Boy and The Girl to various activities. Although we did manage to fit in a very nice lunch, that was it before we had to head back to the house to work on The Girl’s book report.

Today, I woke to make us breakfast and then got hit with a bug. A bug or maybe some sort of foodborne illness. Either way, I am not feeling all that great so I’ve been lying around with The Little Stranger (that sounds funny!) and chasing after the Otter Pup (our new puppy). Right now we are about to throw steaks onto the grill but to be honest with you, ice chips sound much better right now.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


18 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Poof! Gone!”

  1. Hope you get to feeling better quickly. I think we moms get sick on weekends because we know we just don’t have time to get sick during the week.

  2. Ah, that stinks. I had some kind of bug hit me last weekend, and I hate it because weekends are short enough as it is! And as moms, we are still expected to serve our masters! Oh well, there is always next weekend.

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