The Sunday Salon: Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down

Sunday Salon

This weekend hasn’t been terribly relaxing. For one, The Boy came down with a very weird, chest abnormality on Thursday. After doing fitness testing at school that involved a number of push-ups, a bone (rib?), along with his sternum, popped out of his chest. It was huge and pressing against his lungs so he couldn’t breathe. After urgent care and a trip to his doctor, we still don’t know what it is. We are waiting for a specialist referral to determine what can be done. Right now, the swelling has gone done a little bit so he can breathe a bit easier, but basketball or any activity for that matter is out right now.

In other news…

We’ve been on the fence for a while about getting another pet after our beloved kitty passed away two years ago. Well, I think we are ready for a pet so we’ve been looking at dogs. Today we hit a basset hound rescue and let me tell you, you would have laughed like hell because we must have looked so odd there.

The Girl was completely overwhelmed by the number of dogs at this sanctuary. There were well over 100 hounds and they all came running towards us. Most were loves but some were not and we were covered in mud and other things while The Girl screamed bloody murder and hopped up onto tables and crates. Plus, it was rainy and cold.

I don’t see how anyone could possibly find a dog there. Once you found one you sort of liked, there were like 50 other dogs upon you and they were relentless. I have such a headache from the experience. Maybe we should just stick to cats.

Right now, a lady from another rescue is about to come and look at our house and yard situation. Mainly to see what we need to do to the yard because it backs to open land, etc. Plus we are gone a lot during the week so we definitely need a certain type of dog. Anyway, getting the house prepared is a start. It could turn out that we are just cat people and always will be, but I’d love to find the right dog and make it work.

As for the rest of the day, I plan to take care of The Boy, down a few aspirin for the pounding headache and curl-up with Hating Olivia which I picked up last night and could not put down.

Since I was doing so much this weekend, I am already feeling the dread of Monday. I hate that.

What are you doing today?

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down”

  1. i’m sorry for your son…..things are always worse for the kids…

    what kind of place did you go to that allows 50 or more dogs to come up to you? what a horrible experience. have you tried it allows you to look at animals individually and then arrange a meeting with that animal…there is no way you could make a decision being overwhelmed like that

    with that being said…if you really are more comfortable with cats (and your daughter sounds like it!) then maybe at this time with in your lives it needs to be a cat

    good luck with everything and i hope the aspirin works!

    1. This sanctuary was listed on petfinder and is supposed to be THE place to find a bassett hound but they believe in the breed living as a pack hence the onslaught of hounds.

      I’ve visited other rescues and they don’t operate that way normally. Just a bad experience I guess.

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  2. Ti, so sorry to hear about your son’s medical issue. I hope its growing pains:)

    Your dog story was funny (not for you I am sure). Good luck whenever you decide. I love all animals, but dogs are just too much work, especially because of having to walk them in ice and snow here in the northeast…LOL

  3. So sorry about your son. I’ve never heard of anything like that. Hope he gets better soon.

    I’d be overwhelmed by 50 dogs too. That’s not a good way to find the one for you.

  4. Oh Ti! I am so sorry for your rough week. I hope you get answers really soon regarding your son and that he fells better soon too. I tell you–if it isn’t one thing it seems to be another when you have kids, huh?

    We have 1 cat (lost cat @2 last year) and one dog. I have to say that our dog is by far the more loyal of the two! Our cat is very standoffish but Molly dog is hopelessly devoted to us. She is such a treat for our family, I am sure if you keep at it, you will find the right pet. Just don’t let yourself feel rushed. The shelter we rescued Molly out of, would bring one dog at a time out to us in a fenced in grassy area-so totally the opposite of what you experienced today.
    I hope your Monday ends up being a great day—

  5. So sorry to hear about The Boy, I hope you find out the issue soon. This is concerning, even more so since the initial Dr appt wasn’t able to tell you what’s wrong.

    My snowshoes arrived in time for two full days on the trails (you can only imagine how happy I am)!!!

    Be careful with your dog search, we have a lab/border collie mix and she requires a LOT of attention being a hurder. Bassett Hounds are adorable, our puppy is part beagle part lab… adorable!

    1. Yes, I’ve been told that two would be better than one. The thing is, we met with a volunteer yesterday who works with the rescue approvals and quite a bit would have to be done to our yard to make it work. We are trying to think of some other options but really, I’m not sure we want to re-do the entire backyard for it. What kind of dog are you hoping to get? I’d love a tiny Yorkie but the kids want a slightly bigger dog. I’m thinking a bird looks good right about now.

  6. Well, good thing you took that seriously when he called you, right? I’m sure you’re a little anxious about it still… hopefully you will find out more about it soon.

    Good luck with the dog. My family had a dog since before I can remember and I LOVED growing up with one. My mom would have much better perspective on the difficulty of having a dog since most of the responsibility landed on her. However, since you have kids, you probably don’t need two dogs. The kids will have enough energy to wear the dog out so it’s not constantly overwhelmed with the need to play, etc. (especially if you rescue a dog and not a puppy). I’ve only had cats as an adult (one cat), and am always tempted for a dog — but so much work. However you have kids, so you’re used to a lot of work. 😉

  7. Ykes … the Boy’s mysterious injury sounds really really scary and weird. I hope it gets all fixed soon.

    And I’m sure it is overwhelming looking at dogs at a shelter. They are probably all so desperate! Good luck!

  8. OMG! Ti, I hope that The Boy is doing much better. Poor kid – talk about scary for him and you. Hope you all find out what is going on ASAP.

    As for the dog, good luck finding one 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness, I sure hope everything is okay with The Boy! It’s always so scary when the experts can’t give you the reassurance you so badly need. Good luck with the pet hunt!

  10. Choosing a pet in that situation sounds impossible and rather unfair to you and to the dogs. I hope you find the right pet for your family. I’m sure you will…often it just suddenly happens, a connection is made.

    I hope your son is feeling better. Popping a rib sounds painful and it’s always scary when breathing is difficult and painful.
    Good luck with everything.
    ~ Amy

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