The Drink Part of “Eat, Drink and be Merry”


Christmas is all about tradition and spending time with friends and family but for this girl (ahem, woman), it’s not Christmas unless I get to enjoy my Borden Eggnog.

Yes, it’s in a can, but if you like eggnog, it’s the yummiest, creamiest, most-bad-for-you-on-the-planet goodness! It’s great on its own, but in coffee? Wow. Borden EggNog

Someone is playing a cruel joke on me though because I can’t find it anywhere. I searched online and it looks like it was recently acquired by another company, but I haven’t seen it anywhere and all of the grocery store / beverage store clerks scratch their heads when I ask about it.

I’ve tried several other brands and some come close, but there’s always something wrong with them. They are either too sweet, or too thick or too…something.

However, I did find another beverage to tide me over. I talked about it on Facebook recently.


Someone brought a bottle of this to the book club holiday meeting and let me tell you, it was quite a hit. ChocoVine is Cabernet and Dutch Chocolate and reminiscent of Baileys. Served over ice, this was a big hit. Lots of places carry it which makes it almost too easy for me to enjoy.  Who comes up with this stuff? It’s sinful, but so so good and I don’t even like sweets!

Some people crave their hot apple ciders, others their Salted Caramel Hot Chocs from Starbucks. What’s your poison?

21 thoughts on “The Drink Part of “Eat, Drink and be Merry””

    1. Eggnog is certainly one of the richest things to indulge in, but one or two cups/glasses a year can’t hurt, right? I’ve been enjoying a few eggnog lattes as well but it’s not the same.

  1. Ok…again…this is too funny…I have never in my life seen eggnog like the photo you have here…have you tried Horizon Organic Eggnog? My husband loves this stuff…and we found Chocovine last year and could not believe it until we tasted it…so much better than Bailey’s…don’t you think? Again…when we heard the name we thought it was a joke!!! Good luck in your quest…have you googled it?

    1. The Horizon eggnog has a good taste, but it’s too thick for me. I’d have to say that Silk makes a soy one that comes pretty darn close but I’m sensitive to soy now too.

  2. What a total bummer to not find something that you look forward to only once a year! I remember you mentioning that wine a month or so ago, so i am definitely going to have to look into that stuff!

    1. I checked all of those stores, the ones by me and they don’t carry it anymore. I don’t think the website has been updated in awhile. I tried to buy it online once and it said it wasn’t available. I should have started my search earlier. I started after Turkey day which apparently is not enough time.

  3. I love the caramel creme brulee! I have to try the salted hot chocolate because I have heard a lot about it.

    I wish I didn’t like sweet like you. We love sweets at our house way to much.

  4. I wish I had read this post before I went to the liquor store tonight (yeah, in Pennsylvania, we have what they call “state stores,” where they sell wines and spirits). I did pick up egg nog, though. I also like egg nog shakes at McDonald’s, but only once a year usually…like the Shamrock shakes.

    1. I tried quite a few stores today and no one had the eggnog. Although Borden’s (Solo Foods) website says it’s still around, I think their website has not been updated in a long while. It has vanished from the face of the earth.

  5. I Love Borden’s eggnog, and have been trying to track it down. We talked to a distributor and they cant get it either.
    So, I called the company and left a message.
    I told them they’re ruining Christmas.
    here’s their phone number:
    Borden Dairy
    The laughing cow seems to be laughing maniacally at me, taunting me … the more I look at it the more evil it seems. “no eggnog for christmas, ha ha ha ha haaaa” it’s saying… :0(

  6. Chocovine Chocolate Wine is just delicious, one of the best things I have ever tried. Who would have ever thought you could blend wine with chocolate and end up with something so delicious.

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