The Sunday Salon: The Spending Has Begun

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Well, the shopping has begun.  Yep. Christmas Shopping, I am really into it this year which is a huge change from last year. Last year I moped around and sighed a lot. Forced furloughs had a lot to do with it and that 10% reduction in pay really hit me where it hurts. BUT, furloughs are over and although I am still trying to watch the money, the spirit of Christmas has already arrived.

The smell of gingerbread.

Peppermint Bark (practically the only candy I will eat). I don’t like peppermint or white chocolate on their own but together? YUM!

The Christmas-y displays. Love them.

After I spent the morning adjusting to the time change, I hit the stores and I am close to 50% done. Yes!! Progress.

Right now, it’s dark and about to rain. I just finished writing my paper and I am about to finish the book I was reading. Haven’t figured out dinner yet but I don’t feel like doing much. Maybe grilled cheese sandwiches?

Also, I am trying to decide what to read next. Maybe I will finally pick up Room.

How ’bout you? How is your Sunday going?


19 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Spending Has Begun”

  1. Holy cow! I haven’t even thought about Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas. Of course, our son is at the age where the holidays just aren’t the same, and we’ll probably give him money.

  2. Good for you getting ahead on the Xmas shopping! I should get going on it too, just to say I’m done early 😀 I’m considering getting a copy of Room as well. Maybe there’s a read-along we can join?

  3. Ugh, I’m still not ready to even *think* about Christmas shopping. I can’t even think of what *I* want for Christmas much less what to get everyone else for Christmas. I can barely believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Seems like all this stuff snuck up on me even faster than usual this year! Good for you for being so on top of things, though. I’m impressed…and a little jealous… 😉

    1. It started with Halloween. It came out of nowhere! Now Thanksgiving is on the mind. I just want to be done with the shopping so I can relax and enjoy friends and family. I’ve toned it way down this year so although I got a good jump on it, it’s also because I am trying to keep it simple this year.

  4. I can’t even go there. It did turn really cold here, which should have motivated me, but I have to get through November alive and sane first. Yes! Read Room.

  5. I’ve done a little Christmas shopping, mostly for my husband; he gave me his list before his birthday last month, so I got a head start. We’re watching the gift budget this year, but I’m actually not feeling too beleagured by the prospect…yet. I suspect the next few weekends will be spent on that project, though.

  6. Kuddos to you for getting into the spirit. I’m afraid I’m not there quite yet, but I really only have a few people to shop for and that’s a good thing!! As soon as Dec 1 hits I will be playing the Christmas music though!!

  7. OMG…you are amazing…we had guests this weekend…family…and we were on a whirlwind of eating out and shopping and touring…I am so exhausted today…you can’t even imagine it…I am not even grilling the cheese on our grilled cheese sandwiches…cold and dry…hee hee hee…I just started of bees and mists…or mist….really good…I do not think I can ever read room…you are good with this kind of book…

  8. lol…the only shopping i’ve done is for ME! hahaha. i also made a list of gifts that i’d like. how’s that for the holiday spirit.

    i’m usually waaaay more prepared than this but this year i’m slacking off. i’m tired….

    have a great week!

    ps. and let’s get some peppermint bark from williams-sonoma!

  9. It’s so great when you feel in the Christmas spirit! I’m happy for you that this is a happy holiday season for you :o) Great job on the christmas shopping!

    I’m going to be receiving “Room” soon as part of a book tour. I’ll read but I don’t feel much enthusiasm for it at the moment. I think I’ve read too many reviews. On the other hand, I’d love to read something else by the author who I didn’t know about.
    You’re reading some interesting books now, it seems!

  10. I feel my mojo returning (the house cleaners are here)! I haven’t had them since before the move…. they are on 4 hours right now (2 hrs x 2)…. when do we have this much time to clean from EVERYTHING? Well…. I don’t 🙂

    My husband will be so happy.

    I can’t believe you are shopping already – but it is just around the corner. I need to unpack our decorations. My husband will be gone for two weeks just after Thanksgiving. This sounds like the perfect time.

    Have a great weekend.

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