The Sunday Salon: A Lazy, Rainy, Glorious Day

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I normally wake at 4:30am so imagine my surprise when I stumbled out of bed and saw that most of the morning was gone. It was 9am! My internal clock was completely thrown off because it was so rainy and cloudy out. It felt really nice to get some extra sleep but I’ve sort of been dragging all day because of it.

Luckily, we didn’t have any big plans today.

I went to the mall and bought some Christmas presents.

I went to Target and roamed around aimlessly.

Came home and took a short nap. Yes! Even after waking up so late.

I started Kings of the Earth, for real because I had planned to start it last week and didn’t.

I also started In Defense of Food but it’s a bit too “angry” for me at the moment.

I made soup with all of the fresh veggies I picked up.

Now I plan to make some coffee and catch-up with all of you. It’s supposed to rain for the next three days. The Girl is hoping it won’t since she has a walking field-trip that she is really looking forward to, but I LOVE a nice, steady rain.

So what have you all been doing today?

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: A Lazy, Rainy, Glorious Day”

  1. I love rainy days on SOME weekends; it gives me a chance to be lazy without guilt..LOL

    Have a great week Ti and can’t wait to see what you think of Kings of the Earth.

  2. We have been experiencing a glorious, sunny fall – the weather is fantastic in the midwest. So, I have been outside – took a walk, helped my daughters create some houses out of enormous cardboard boxes, and celebrated my middle daughter’s seventh birthday…and got a lot of reading done! I understand about your early wake-up time…I get up at 4:30-ish, too, and enjoy my “me time.” When I sleep in, I am just a bit more sluggish during the day. Have a good week and enjoy your rainfall.

  3. I went to Target today too! And came out with a book! I was so ashamed! sort of, kind of… (I got the first Tara French book “In The Woods” because it was calling to me from the shelf and it was $3 off and what could I do?)

  4. Up at 4:30 and Christmas presents? I thought getting up at 7:15 this morning was early for a weekend.

    I blogged, did a bit of yard work, watched a bit of TV, got ready for a party that inexplicably did not take place.

  5. I don’t mind when it rains but if it’s going to be cloudy, it had better be raining. It does make you want to stay in bed, doesn’t it?! I didn’t wake up until 10 this morning–I was horrified but it was kind of nice not to be tired all day. Clearly I don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis.

  6. You still got so much accomplished for a 9 am wake up. Christmas shopping.. I think you are my hero. I like a little rain too… keeps things green.

    Have a great week.

  7. OH OH OH…I love rainy days…with soup…and books…and roaming around Target is just the best thing…we were there yesterday and I ended up with shower gels…and lots of stickers…and then the ordinary stuff…paper towels and toothpaste and the detritus of life that made our bill $229.56!!!

  8. You probably needed the extra sleep. It’s weird how our bodies react to extra rest – instead of feeling energized we’re lethargic. I susppose it’s because the extra rest is so foreign or maybe our bodies just want more? I always feel a little sluggish on rainy days though.
    4:30 am? Are you a morning person or do you have no choice but must get up this early? I like getting up early but 7:30-ish not when it’s dark! lol

    Sounds like you had a Great day!
    ~ Amy

    1. I am a morning person so I am usually okay with getting up so early. I don’t sleep all that well though so sometimes it catches up with me if I don’t have any down time.

  9. I haven’t even begun to consider buying Christmas presents, I guess I should start thinking about that. I’m appreciating the sunny days here in Oregon, since we get so many rainy days in the winter. I hope your rainy days are fun!

    1. It rained on me when I came to work and now the sky is clear but the winds have kicked in and it’s coldddd. Brrr. Our Octobers are never like this. I kind of like it but my wardrobe is all wrong. Ti

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