The Sunday Salon: The Farmer’s Market, The Pet Fair and Stuff

Farmer's Market

Happy Sunday! I rolled out of bed this morning and hit the local Farmer’s Market. It’s been years since I’ve gone. One could easily get carried away there but I was good and only picked up a few things. Granted, some things were eaten while there so this photo is missing a few items and I gobbled up the hot tamale that I picked up there too and of course I forgot to include the fresh eggs. Nothing like a fresh tamale for breakfast. Jack cheese, peppers and white corn…yum!

After that, we hit the pet fair but The Girl had a horrible stomach ache so we had to turn back. We managed to see a few cute animals but couldn’t really check any of them out with her writhing on the floor. I think we are getting close to getting another pet. Maybe within the next year.

Sunday Salon

Right now we are cleaning up the house. It’s not the funnest thing to do but after a week off, it has to be done. If I get it done quickly then I can do some reading later. I am reading The Reapers are the Angels and it’s totally bizarre. It’s perfect that I am reading it before Halloween because let me tell you, it will creep you out. I am about halfway done with it and there were parts where I just opened my eyes wide and thought…oh no…he IS going to go there. Think of a world where Zombies are called “Meatskins” and Slugs. Ick.

Later on, we are supposed to have dinner with friends. The Girl seems to be bopping around just fine now so perhaps it was just too much “goodness” at the market that did it.

I was out and about all weekend so I missed the read-a-thon entirely. Hope you are all getting some much-needed rest.


13 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Farmer’s Market, The Pet Fair and Stuff”

  1. I’ve noticed signs going up all over the place for the Farmer’s Market in varying parts of my city on different days of the week. I wonder if this is just a new trend or if they’re doing so well business wise they figure being open more days a week will be worth it. Its been years since I was last at a Farmer’s Market. They’re usually only open during the week when I’m at work.

    The Reapers are the Angels sounds creepy and perfect for this time of year. I’ve been doing my own Halloween themed reading lately, mixed in with other stuff. It’s a nice change of pace given horror isn’t my usual reading fare.

    I hope you have a great week!

  2. I love Farmer’s Markets…your stuff looks yummy and the tamale sounded…slurp…heavenly…have fun at dinner…Sundays should always be Fundays…

  3. We get that stomach ache thing going on here on a regular basis with my daughter. I don’t know if it is gas and she has a low threshold for pain, it is psychological, or a genuinely bad stomach. TMI I’m sure. Anyway, I’m glad you had a great weekend…I didn’t do a lot of read-a-thoning either. Too much going on!

  4. The Girl’s stomachache reminds me of when my family went to pick apples when I was kid. I was warned not to eat too many but didn’t listen and paid for it later. Those tomatoes look wonderful.

  5. You are so lucky to leave out there where everything is grown so beautifully. I just blogged about the farmers market in SF:) Hope the girl is feeling better.

  6. Love the Farmer’s Market! We have a store at the town’s square called gourmet farmer’s market… great produce, great prices all the time so I haven’t had to find one since moving. In NJ they are called vegetable stands… and that’s exactly what they are (just a few items to choose from) rather than one huge gathering place.

    I will leave the creepy book for you to read but sounds perfect for Halloween.

  7. I’ve missed our local farmer’s market for the last few months but, now that fall is here, plan on going next Sunday. I love it but, you are so right, I have to be careful about not spending a fortune!

    Good luck with that creepy book!

  8. I love your photo–:) We have some great Farmer’s Markets around here and my daughter son-in-law are avid visitors. I just kind of forget to go! Our very local one will be shutting down soon for the winter, so maybe next summer I should get better about going.
    Your book sounds a bit too creepy for me, but my sons might really like it! It does sound perfect for the Halloween season though. Now that you had such a lovely week off work, I hope going back to work goes well for you.

  9. I love the farmer’s market! We didn’t go this year because we had so much produce from our garden (and then were unable to eat it all). I need to be better prepared for how to freeze things from our garden next year (since I’d rather do that than can).

    The tamale sounds so tasty! It’s making me hungry even though I just ate. 🙂

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