The Girl is 7! Happy Birthday!

E2 One Year Old
The Girl at her 1-year Bday Party

In one sense the time has flown by, but in another… I can still remember the sleepless nights, the feedings that took place every 30 min (seriously), and the countless fevers and injuries. The Boy was a breeze but The Girl was quite different right from the start. She demanded my attention and I gave it to her with all my heart. It was a rough few years but she knew from day one that she had me wrapped around her little finger.

E2 7 Years
The Girl at 7

As you can see, she hasn’t lost her sweet tooth but she’s managed to lose every other tooth. She is missing 4 in this photo alone. I’m not sure where that shadow came from. There was no shadow when I took the pic and even the flash would not have caused it since there was nothing obstructing its range. I like to think her great grandparents were there too. Here, we were enjoying dinner at The Outback in Palm Desert,  which is where she gets her juicy, juicy steak. She loves a juicy steak.

Today, since I am still off from work, we are going to bake cupcakes and cook her favorite dinner, homemade chicken soup. Later we are getting mani-peds and seeing a movie. The Boy is in school this week so it’s girl time all the way. After dinner, we plan to cram into her window seat to catch-up on our reading. Her window seat is perfect for her little girl behind but it’s take a bit of work for both of us to get in there. It will be cozy for sure.

Hope you all have a great day!


21 thoughts on “The Girl is 7! Happy Birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday to her! My daughter’s 10th Birthday was last week; it is so much fun to bake, do the party, the dinner, the presents, etc. when they are young and really love it all. Have a great time

  2. I love posts where you get to see the baby photo and the “now” photo. What a lovely little girl. And it sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday! It makes me wish I had a daughter to share things like this with! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Happy birthday to the girl:) I love a great steak too and you can’t beat Outback.

    I could join you for some reading time myself but I don’t think our 3 butts would fit. Do you?

  4. Happy birthday to The Girl! Sounds like your relationship is like my daughter and mine–she’s 3″ taller than I am and 15yo but she’ll still crawl in my lap. Can you even imagine life without her?

    1. It took a good two years for us to bond because she was just such a difficult baby/toddler but now, oh my gosh, she is such a sweetie. Each of my kids is just so different but I love ’em to death.

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