The Sunday Salon: Eating, Visting and of course, Reading

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Sigh. I love the weekend. I mean, who doesn’t? I started the day off meeting a book club friend for breakfast. Eggs Benedict is the most perfect food in the world. Seriously.

Later on we’re hitting a friend’s house for pizza and swimming. The hot weather from last week has left us though, so we went from 111 degrees to a cool 72 which may not be warm enough to swim.

As for reading, I am reading a lot of books right now. Yes, Mockingjay is one of them. I’ll save my initial thoughts for the review though. Reading several books at once has its advantages but it certainly has its disadvantages too. For one, I always feel as if I am reading the same thing because so little progress is made in any one book. BUT, at the same time it feels as if I am dipping my hand into many pots which sort of satisfies me number wise.

Only true readers understand this. Anyone else,  just thinks I’m nuts.

Oh, and I just remembered that I haven’t done my homework yet for my lit class that meets tomorrow. Guess I know what I’ll be doing in the immediate future.

What are you doing today?


23 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Eating, Visting and of course, Reading”

  1. I’m not reading a lot of books today. I was supposed to go visit a monastery last night and stay there through tomorrow, but our car is not in the best of shape right now. So I postponed the trip and, as a result, everything else has been put on hold. I did take a nap, and I might mow the lawn since it’s long overdue. If I do read anything, it most likely will be a book by an online friend called The Force Is Middling In This One. For more about it, visit

    1. I saw your blurb on Facebook about the puddle of oil. Not good. I think it was a good idea to skip the trip. Nothing’s worse than getting stranded somewhere.

  2. I’m listening to i’d know you anywhere. This is a tough one though… can’t listen to this while I run alone in the woods!

    Today: I was up at 7am to get my run in before the heatwave arrived. I’m learning to run the mountain, it’s tough on my lungs but I will adjust over time.

    Baking pumpkin bread and hoping to find some time to relax and read. This is hard still as we are still settling in and working on projects. 🙂

    Enjoy the pool, and the cool weather!

    1. Running up a mountain? I’m in awe of you. Seriously. I would love to run I think, but the lupus did its damage to my joints. I don’t think there is any way I could even begin to train for such a thing,

  3. How nice that your weather has cooled off considerably…it did the same here last week but it seems to be inching back up to the hot & humid arena again. (Oh say it isn’t so! lol)

    Breakfast/Brunch with a friend, esp. when it’s eggs benny is the perfect way to start or celebrate the weekend, imho.

    Sometimes I read several books at once, I end up feeling as if I am a very slow reader…but when I’m finished with all of them, it feels like a huge accomplishment. I just have to make sure they are very different from each other so I don’t start confusing characters, plot etc. lolol

    I’d love to tke a lit class, I miss many of my college english classes. I hope you review “The Unit.” I have it here to read and will be soon! Oh yes, I wanted to tell you, I read & reviewed “One Day” – did not like it at all. Oh well!

    I hope you get a chance to swim at your friend’s house, pool swimming is one of life’s amazing pleasure :o)

    Have a good week, Ti!
    ~ Amy

    1. I am having the hardest time finishing One Day. I read about 50 pages and just do not jive at all with the characters. I’m forcing myself a bit since it’s a review copy bit such hype…which I do not get.

  4. Hi Ti…

    We are definitely chillaxing today…we just came back from a quick trip to our local farmer’s market for local apples and nectarines and peaches and lots of other juicy stuff…

    I absolutely will never be able to read more than one book at a time…I need to immerse myself into each book…so deeply that I can’t do it…I have tried to have an upstairs book and a downstairs book but it just does not work for me…have a lovely day…no cooking for us today…sushi for dinner…

  5. I am with you on eggs benedict. We were on vacation last week and I had it 3 times!! What a luxury.

    Am reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and enjoying it very much.

    1. I can’t seem to make eggs benedict too well (hollandaise is tough to master) so I treat myself to it every now and then. It was yummy!!

      Enjoy The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. I’ve not read it but have heard nothing but good things about it.


  6. We play golf this morning and from the look of my scorecard I should have just gone for Eggs Benedict.

    I really miss the warm weather we had at the beginning of the week. Finally, I was able to wear my summer dresses without worrying about a putting a cardigan on.

    1. I like the idea of golf but have never actually played it besides a few lessons here and there. I know lots of folks that could school me in it if I really wanted them too though 🙂

  7. Ti, you are as sane as I am (for what that is worth!!!). Well, we just returned from Chicago last night, and this rnorning we woke up to a clogged up dishwasher and a dead coon in our pool. Some idiot ran into my car (which my mom was driving) when I was gone, so we had to drop off my car at the garage for fixing, and my son had a birthday party. No time AT ALL. I need some normalcy back.

  8. i’m slacking with my reading lately–helping with family stuff–and mockingjay is languishing on the old kindle. i’ll get to it! glad you had a nice weekend but can’t get on board with poached eggs!!! i like mine over medium.

  9. I’m just starting Mockinjay … I feel like I need to read it before I see too many spoilers about it!!!

    And you’re going to LOVE “Middlesex” for your lit course!

  10. Oh I totally understand about the multiple book thing. If I am not reading six books at once then it’s more. Although it does get frustrating that for a long while nothing gets finished, I love those points when I finish up multiple books in a single week.

  11. I’ve got a lot of books in progress right now and it can get confusing but it’s nice to have something different to fall back to if you come across a place in a book where you’re a little stuck. I’m going to use the Fall Catch-up Read-a-thon to try to finish up all of the books I’ve got partially read.

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