Check out my interview with the lovely Wallace from Unputdownables!

I’ve discovered quite a few “new to me” blogs over the past six months and one of those blogs is Coconut Library. Well, Coconut Library is now Unputdownables (great name, huh?) and there you’ll find reviews of books that you just cannot put down. Let’s face it, those are the ones we want to read anyway.

Wallace is taking a break from reviewing today and has posted an interview with me. She asked some really good questions too. If you get a chance, stop by and check it out. Feel free to post your opinions too because some of those topics have come up quite a bit in recent conversation.

Happy reading 🙂

15 thoughts on “Check out my interview with the lovely Wallace from Unputdownables!”

  1. I loved your interview!!! I needed to read that because as a new blogger I have felt pressured by giveaways and memes ( what are they?) and what is in my mailbox Mondays and wordless weird wednesday’s and pick a book page…I don’t want to do anything like that…I just wan to be me and read and write and live and play…is that ok? I need it to be ok…

    1. Meme’s are regular weekly features. There are so many of them these days. Personally, when I see 50 posts all with the same meme, I get turned off and usually skip it. The only one I do is Sunday Salon because it’s easy to do and it’s a nice way to wrap-up the week. I think a lot of new bloggers use memes to get their name out there. I think that is okay but if you don’t want togo that routethen that’s certainly okay too. I love that you just want to be you 🙂 Those are the kinds of blogs I frequent.

  2. Thanks again, Ti, for doing the interview. Looks like I’m not the only one who was interested in seeing how things worked in that head of yours! 🙂

  3. Ti,

    Great interview!! It is always nice to learn about the blogger behind the blog. I really do enjoy your blog and your taste in books. I miss your picture with you holding a book, though. I wonder if there is a way for bloggers to meet their followers as well?

    1. You miss that photo? I will try to take another of me holding a book soon. What you said about followers is interesting. Most of the people that comment on this blog have their own blogs but if local, I would certainly be open to meeting followers too. I don’t pay too much attention to stats but every now and then I check hits by region and I am always amazed at who stops by for a peek.

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