The Sunday Salon: Reading & More Reading

Invisible Book Cover

It’s been a rather lazy weekend for me (thank goodness). I spent all of yesterday reading Strangers at the Feast and boy, was it good. I managed to stay up half the night reading it so I am dragging a bit this morning.

Next up? Invisible by Paul Auster. It’s my book club pick for next month so I’m hoping it’s discussion worthy. I also received Auster’s new book, Sunset Park which looks really, really good.

Of course, there are a slew of books that I must read within the next few weeks and then there are the books that I want to read just for fun. It’s the story of my life.

Later today though, I will take a break from reading and hit a friend’s house for a BBQ and some swimming. What are you doing today?

21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Reading & More Reading”

    1. Hope you had a good weekend. I just got back from the BBQ and my stomach is so full of good food. I’d take a nap if it wasn’t so late already.

    1. Hope you had a nice mini-vacation. Weekend getaways are so much fun. I almost like them better than full weeks because they usually require less prep beforehand, and they are easier to recover from šŸ™‚

  1. I’m having a super lazy Sunday. It’s been a very busy summer so it feels good to relax today. I’ve had a bit of Gilmore Girls marathon (I’m a Gilmore geek) and am finishing The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox while drinking chocolate tea (so yummy).

    Have fun at the BBQ — it’s a nice sunny day for one!

    1. Chocolate tea?? How did that get past me? I’ve never heard of chocolate tea before. I just added Honey Vanilla creamer to my coffee and it tastes a bit weird. Perhaps it’s meant for tea. Oh well šŸ˜‰

    1. I have a hard time sneaking reading in when there are other folks around me. They always poke fun since they are not readers. To keep the peace and not be rude, I don’t try it too often but I sure wanted to a little bit ago šŸ™‚

  2. All I want to do is plant myself in my reading chair, but my family seems to think I need to do other things. I really just want to be a lump. Just started The Gendarme, which I really shouldn’t be reading but couldn’t help myself.

  3. A BBQ and swim sound wonderful today! I hope you had a good time, Ti. My day has been fairly quiet. We had a nice breakfast with friends and I managed to fit in some reading this afternoon. The laundry never did get done . . .

    Enjoy Invisible and have a great week!

  4. I have done very little reading today and only getting to some now. Reading Henning Mankell’s Faceless Killers, but have a lot scheduled for this week…including books I want to read and books I must read both, some for challenges, others for myself.

    Most of day was spent doing “church stuff,” going to church and then church picnic. Nap…watching 30 Rock, Season 3 on Netflix and now catching up on The Sunday Salon and hopefully a little reading before bed.

    1. Someone handed me a Mankell the other day but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. You just reminded me to send my Netflix movies back. I was on an old movie kick and chose three to watch but they have been sitting for 3 months!! Time to send them on their way.

  5. A lazy Sunday reading and finishing a good book and a BBQ sounds perfect! We tried to go to the water park but it was closed due to the power being out and it was in the 90’s, a perfect day for tubing down the lazy river. I got Sunset park also, I’ve never read Auster’s work.

  6. Paul Auster is my all-time favorite author. My favorite book of his is Oracle Night. Incredible invention–that goes far beyond any other contemporary writer, in my estimation. I think it’s his best, with the exception possibly being The New York Trilogy.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Invisible and can’t wait for Sunset Park.

    1. Since I am reading Invisible for book group, I am hoping that it’s discussion worthy. It’s my pick and I would hate for the discussion to fall flat. Your comment has put me at ease a bit. Thanks for coming by!

  7. I’m so far behind in my blog reading! It sounds like you have a lot of reading to do, and I can so relate to that. In addition to all the normal blogging, I agreed to review two chunksters in August and can’t figure out what I was thinking. šŸ™‚

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