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Check out my interview with the lovely Wallace from Unputdownables!

I’ve discovered quite a few “new to me” blogs over the past six months and one of those blogs is Coconut Library. Well, Coconut Library is now Unputdownables (great name, huh?) and there you’ll find reviews of books that you just cannot put down. Let’s face it, those are the ones we want to read anyway.

Wallace is taking a break from reviewing today and has posted an interview with me. She asked some really good questions too. If you get a chance, stop by and check it out. Feel free to post your opinions too because some of those topics have come up quite a bit in recent conversation.

Happy reading 🙂

Joshua Henkin On Reading Groups

Each month novelist and creative writing professor Joshua Henkin shares behind-the-scenes stories about his visits with book clubs — in person, over the phone and online with Reading Group Guides, an online resource for reading groups.

Click here for his December post.

Click here for his January post.

Be sure to check back each month to read the rest of the series! I think it’s wonderful that Mr. Henkin makes himself available to book clubs like this. No matter how good the writer, a reader always has questions so having him available is a definite plus!

Mr. Henkin’s latest book is Matrimony which I really enjoyed. You can read more about Mr. Henkin and Matrimony here.