The Sunday Salon: 48 Hour Read-a-Thon Wrap-up

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Over the course of 48 hours of reading, I really didn’t accomplish all that much. Granted, I didn’t read for the entire 48 hours but there were “chunks” where I tried to catch-up on my reading. I wasn’t successful though. I did manage to finish Orwell’s Coming Up for Air, but that’s pretty much it. The back-to-school paperwork kept calling me, as did the pile of unpaid bills. Let’s face it. I got distracted by life.

It was fun though and just putting it down in writing means that I know what my goal is for the week. Thank you Wallace for putting this together.

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Today has been a “do nothing” kind of day. I felt blah when I woke up so I hung around the house doing a whole lot of nothing. The kids got the best of me though and dragged me to see Despicable Me in 3D. Why does everything have to be in 3D these days? 3D is not fun for those that wear glasses. Glasses on top of glasses just isn’t attractive, but the movie was good enough for me to forget how I looked.

Oh, and then I got sidetracked at my new favorite store, Ulta. I’ve been on a quest to find my new, signature scent. I want something that is going to be around so I tested all sorts of fragrances and then ended up with something that I used to wear in college (go figure). The newer scents just don’t smell good on me or they fade.

I had a huge Facebook discussion about it. In case you’re interested, I went back to Obsession which used to be very strong for me but now it isn’t at all (The Boy, The Girl and the Hub agreed). Perhaps the formula has changed? Anyway…that’s it for now unless Calvin Klein discontinues it tomorrow which would be my luck.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday. Now I’m off to watch Shark Week!

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: 48 Hour Read-a-Thon Wrap-up”

  1. Was happy to see Despicable Me in nice, plain old 2D a couple of weeks ago. It was good, and I’m glad I didn’t have to endure the indignity of double glasses! LOL!

    1. I also had no idea that you pay more for a 3D movie experience. Trust me. If I had known that I would have hit the normal version but the times were a bit screwy for us. I didn’t really have much of a choice.

  2. Oh I hate those 3D glasses, and I don’t even wear glasses. We saw the movie in 2D…cheaper and just as funny! I have several different scents that I wear, but my tried and true is Chanel No. 5, which I have worn since high school.

    1. I had no idea that you had to pay more for a 3D experience until the guy told me how much it was going to cost. Good lord! I have been shocked by prices lately but really…spending over $100 just for an afternoon at the movies is just ridiculous! Yes, that included a popcorn combo with 2 drinks but it’s still ridiculous.

    1. This new Real3D technology is much, much better. Did not leave me feeling woozy but just the weight of the glasses on top of my own glasses was distracting…then of course my daughter put her buttery fingers all over mine.

  3. I would have liked to join in on the 48 hour reading challenge but my reading time has been non existant this summer. There is too much going on. It will be nice to catch up on my reading once the cool weather hits.

  4. I remember shopping for a new scent, it must be about a decade ago now. It took me months. I wear a scent called Jadore – I can’t tell you how many compliments I get (just one spray that I ‘walk’ into).

    It’s funny to hear people comment that they know someone who wears it but it doesn’t smell like it does on me… go figure (I have no idea what they are talking about). Obsession is a solid choice.

    I just posted about my weekend – I accomplished so much that I didn’t take advantage of my ‘me time’. Oh well… the house is coming together which is my main focus these days.

    have a great week!

    1. You know, I LOVE J’adore but have never tried it on myself. So many scents turn on me if they are too floral or too woodsy. I tried so many this past weekend. I am still not 100% sure Obsession is “it.” I think peope like it better on me than I like it on myself. I LOVE Victoria Secret’s Dream Angels (Heavenly) but it does not last. I have to spray it or use the lotion several times a day. A lot of people don’t get the scent thing but to me, it makes ME feel better and lifts my spirits during the work day when I get a whiff of something I like. Oh and of course the ones that smell fab and last and just work in general are like $200 a bottle. A bit much for me.

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