The Sunday Salon: Love Spring. Hate Spring Forward.

Today is just gorgeous! That’s why this post is coming to you so late. I’ve been out and about soaking up the sun and loving every minute of it. EXCEPT, I do not love Spring Forward at all. I’ve been battling a tiny head cold all weekend and although it’s just a head cold, I am going in for a test that will have to be canceled IF I cannot ditch the cold so waking up to the sun, streaming into my bedroom window was a bit jarring to my NyQuil induced state. I do feel much better though, now that I’ve adjusted to the time change a bit. It will take me all week to feel like normal though.

After doing a few chores around the house, my family and I drove to Old Town Pasadena and had a lovely brunch at Russell’s. It was really good! I had breakfast while everyone else had lunch but it was really nice to just sit down and enjoy a nice, leisurely meal. You see, people were still stumped by the time change so waiting for a table only took about ten minutes. That’s the plus side to Spring Forward.

We did some window shopping, sampled a sweet treat (or two) and then headed to Vroman’s Bookstore. Sigh. Going to Vroman’s is like dying and going to heaven. I picked up a few items:

Ethan Frome (for book group later this year. It’s scheduled for much later this year but for some reason I had to buy it today).

The Dead and the Gone (Hello! This is the follow-up to Life as We Knew It. Had to have it since book three comes out soon).

Rules (My son starts junior high in August and this is the book that they need to read over the summer!).

The Book Thief (This is my club’s pick for April. I won’t be there for the discussion since I have open house that night,  but I’ll read it anyway as I’ve always wanted to).

Someone at a Distance (Yes! It’s a Persephone Book! I’ve not read any of Whipple’s work so I was excited to find this).

I think I scored! I mean, they weren’t on sale but when you walk into a store and find everything on your list, you sort of feel good about it.

We just finished dinner so I’m about to curl-up with the last 20 pages of The Help. That is, if I can tune-out Miley Says Goodbye which has been seen in this house FIVE times since we got home. You’d think that the “goodbye” in the title would actually mean GOODBYE but nope. I’m not that lucky.


I also want to take a moment to thank Kristin from Always with a Book,  for the awards that she’s passed to me:

I am horrible with the rules for each award but I always appreciate getting them. Thanks so much for sharing them with me!

25 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Love Spring. Hate Spring Forward.”

  1. I reread Ethan Frome earlier this year for the Classics Circuit and found it far more interesting a book than I did when I read it for 10th grade English Lit class back in the Dark Ages.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you like it…and your bookclub. Interesting choice!

  2. This is a *phenomenal* pile o’ books. I will have to stop by Vroman’s the next time I am in Pasadena. But in the meantime, let me just say: I adore Persephone books. I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one.

  3. I just finished “The Dead & The Gone” five minutes ago! And then came in to the computer to see if the 3rd book was available yet. It is orderable from Amazon, but not our library. So I just added it to my Amazon wish list…!!!

  4. What a lovely day you had! As far as springing forward–I am with you! Hate it and will not feel good for most of this week, most likely. I hope you like Book Thief–it was a favorite of mine the year I read it.
    Feel better–and have a great week!

  5. I’m so with you on hating spring forward. What’s the point? And why can’t they take away an hour in the middle of a workday instead of a weekend? I don’t get it.

    Also, I’m extremely jealous that you can just pop by Vroman’s. It’s on my bucket list of must-see bookstores. Looks like a great weekend.

  6. I’m with you … I HATE the whole Spring Forward thing. Not to mention how it screws up my son’s bedtime and sleeping. It will be at least a week until we are back to “normal.” I have the Book Thief on my TBR list for this year. I’ve heard it is so good.

  7. I envy your pile! Want to read The Book Thief, Ethan Frome, and Someone from a Distance. Are you reading Someone from a Distance for Persephone Week in May? 😀

    1. I didn’t know about Persephone Week! I just picked it up since I’ve been oggling it from the catalog for months now. I will check out Persephone Week though,

      1. Ti, Persephone Week will be on May 3rd to 9th, mark your calendar! We’ll be reading everything Persephone that week. Hope you reserve that Whipple for the event. 😀

  8. I hope you’re feeling better today. It takes me a week to adjust to the stinkin’ time change too. Congratulations on scoring all your books at one place and on all your awesome awards!

  9. The spring ahead thing is a big bummer. I don’t like having my time stolen from me! The restaurant you went for lunch looks very clubby and comfortable, and the book store run afterwards sounds even better. We are really excited for the third book in the Last Survivors series…I’ve heard some very good things about it!

  10. I hope that your cold goes away soon! I agree with you about spring and springing forward. I was lucky that I didn’t have to get up early on Sunday (my concert conflicted with church, so I got to sleep in for a while).

  11. I hate Daylight Savings Time. It messes me up! But I do love The Book Thief, it’s wonderful. I envy you getting to read it for the first time. Enjoy!

  12. There’s one other good thing about Spring Forward. I don’t have the sun right in my eyes while I’m driving to work, and neither does anyone else – traffic is better when drivers aren’t sun-blind! Aside from that…meh.

    Oh, a Sunday at Vroman’s – it doesn’t get much better than that. I’m going there on April 9 (bringing my husband to a reading/signing with Christopher Moore), and I’m already excited…especially since that’s right after Easter, so my Lenten book-buying ban will be OVER!

  13. That restaurant is gorgeous! You have some interesting in CA has it’s perks! I’ve never been to Vroman’s but it sounds wonderful. You found a great list of books also. Rules sounds very interesting. The Book Thief is an amazing book…very powerful and unique writing style.

  14. I just bought Ethan Frome today! I couldn’t resist the cool cover/layout of the edition and it’s on so many must-read lists. And Liam Neeson is on the movie which I now want to see.

    1. You must have gotten the edition I saw at Vroman’s! The really cool, cover art one. I ended up getting a cheaper version since I am watching my pennies but I LOVE that cover.

      Visit my book blog: Book Chatter

  15. The time change really drives me crazy. I don’t sleep well at night and then I’m tired all day – just doesn’t seem like you get well rested for the longest time.

    Looks like you picked up some good books. I liked Ethan Frome. I keep thinking I should read Pfeffer’s books since everyone has loved them so much. One of these days I guess.

    Have a great week Ti! Good luck with your test.

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