My Top 5 Books for 2009


 A lot of you are in the process of picking your top books for 2009 and many of you are choosing books that came out in 2009. Well, for me… this list is made up of books that I read in 2009. A couple of them (I realize) came out quite a bit before then.

Here they are, in no particular order:

The Terror by Dan Simmons [my review]
The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff [my review]
The Prudent Mariner by Leslie Walker Williams [my review]
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon [my review]
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson [my review]

I chose these books mainly because of the characters, but they are also very atmospheric and really took me to another time and place. They’ve all earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf.

30 thoughts on “My Top 5 Books for 2009”

  1. WOW… all I can say. I’ve only read: Shadow of the Wind from this list. I did enjoy it, but evidently not as much as you did. I only am positive about my top 2 or 3 right now. Will post in a week or so. Hope you read lots of great books in 2010 as well.

  2. Nice snappy list. I’ve read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – loved it and the sequel. Looking for to the third one. The sort of books you want to devour greedily.
    The Shadow of the Wind was very good too.
    Which all makes me now want to follow your suggestions for the other three books – varied themes, all sound fascinating from your reviews.

  3. You’re making me drool, Ti. All of the books on your list are ones I haven’t yet read–but they’re all ones I want to read. I have four of them in my TBR collection, in fact. When I do my list, it’ll be of books I read this year too, regardless of publish date.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’m impressed you narrowed it down to five! I did ten, but then felt guilty about a few more that didn’t make the list, so I had to do honorable mentions! The Terror, The Shadow of the Wind, and Dragon Tattoo are all amazing books!

  5. I just love the cover of the Terror and have been tempted to buy it for that reason alone!

    Shadow of the Wind and Girl with the Dragon Tatoo are two books that I hope to read in 2010.

  6. I will have to check out all those books–the only one I am familiar with is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is actually next on my list so I should be starting it soon!

  7. Thanks for sharing your list Ti! I haven’t read any of these books and a couple of them are new to me. I do have The Terror at home on my shelf, so maybe that will get bumped up on the list soon. I do remember your review of The Prudent Mariner though and how much you enjoyed it.

  8. What happens if you read something AWESOME in the next two weeks??

    I haven’t read any of these, I’m not feeling very adventurous with my reading lately.

    1. I’m reading 4 books right now and I thought that maybe one of them might be awesome but that’s not the case.

      Maybe you will be a bit more adventurous come 2010.

  9. I have The Shadow of the Wind and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in TBR Purgatory right now, and your review of The Danish Girl had me thinking I should have bought that instead of Pasadena when I went to David Ebershoff’s book signing in June :-). Great recommendations!

  10. I’ve got to start thinking about my own list … but I think I’ll go with ones I read vs. published in 2009 — I just don’t read enough of the new ones to make an informed choice. I’m so excited to read the Steig Larsson book in 2010 — maybe it will be on my list for next year!

  11. I remember your review of “The Danish Girl” caught my eye. I’ll have to keep that book in mind next time I’m at the library or the bookstore. I’ve been thinking about my own end-of-year list, but I’m not sure I could limit it to five.

  12. I haven’t put my list together yet, but I agree with your choice of The Shadow of the Wind. I read The Terror recently and it wasn’t my favorite (but it wasn’t bad or anything).

  13. I’ve only read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and it is also one of my favorite books for 2009. I’ll have to do a post on my top 5 books soon. Great idea.

  14. Glad to hear good things about The Danish Girl. It’s on my tbr list. I’ll move it up the pile now, but will wait until I’ve read it (my usual habit) before reading your review.

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