Moby Dick Monday: December 14, 2009 (Week 5)

Welcome to Moby Dick Monday! This is where we read four pages a day and then post about what we’ve read. Consider it an adventure of sorts!

My Story Re-Cap:

This was an interesting week of reading. Not a whole lot happened.

Captains Peleg and Bildad give Queequeg a little harpooning test and Queequeg hits the mark on the very first try. Both captains are quite impressed and sign Q on without hesitation.

As the ship prepares to sail, Ishmael and Queequeg come across Elijah, the prophet. Well, according to Ishmael, Elijah is a bit off his rocker but Elijah refers to Captain Ahab as “Old Thunder” and points out to Ishmael and Q that there aren’t a lot of sailors boarding the old Pequod. Ishmael takes note of this.

One of the chapters, “The Advocate” is where Ishmael talks to the reader directly to convince us of the importance of whaling. Here he says, “…my whale-ship was my Yale College and my Harvard.” We’ve not yet seen what Ishmael really knows about the art of whaling, but apparently he’s learned quite a bit.

They board the ship and Captains Peleg and Bildad bid them farewell, but Ishmael and Queequeg have yet to see Captain Ahab who is secluded in his cabin with “illness.” What exactly is wrong with him?

My Rambling Thoughts:

Even though this week’s reading was sort of uneventful, it was interesting reading nonetheless. There’s quite a bit of foreshadowing and although they are on the ship now, we still haven’t seen Ahab! I am 130 pages in but the build-up is creating quite a bit of anticipation.

Reading Along With Me:

Jill/Softdrink of Fizzy Thoughts
Jill of RhapsodyinBooks
Dar of Peeking Between the Pages
Eva of A Striped Armchair
Wisteria from Bookworm’s Dinner
Gavin from Page247 (will join us in mid to late December)
Claire from kiss a cloud (will join us in 2010)

For those that are participating, share your post links in comments. What do you think so far? Oh, and if anyone wants to join us just leave me a message below.

7 thoughts on “Moby Dick Monday: December 14, 2009 (Week 5)”

  1. I think you and Jill are ahead of me. I’m just starting Chapter 6 and I’m enjoying the book. I did my post up yesterday since I had to post a review today.

  2. It will be fun to see what Fizzy and Rhapsody talk about … they always seem like they are reading a completely different book than you! Keep on keeping on!

  3. You’re so right…not much happened. Had I known the book was going to be this slow, I would’ve starting a betting pool…the page on which Ahab first appears and the page on which the whale appears.

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