A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Hello Peeps!! I am having a difficult time with post read-a-thon-ness. I was so “go go go” and now I am so “no no no.” I am still reading, that will never stop but my body is not cooperating and I’ve been a tad blue.

It didn’t help that the kids and I got into an accident yesterday on my glorious furlough day. It wasn’t our fault but I have never been in an accident and today I am all sore and crabby and really don’t want to be at work. Everyone if fine though. However, some of you know that I have Lupus and I think the added stress triggered some sort of flare.

In addition to that, the Boy has been having some trouble in school so I have been doing 6th grade math with him and can I just say for the record how much I hate math? I hate it! I paid my dues and yet here I am having to sit through it again. Doesn’t seem quite fair. Oh, and there was that issue with his cell phone where he inadvertently subscribed to some questionable social networking sites. It took an hour and a half of me on the phone trying to get it all straightened out. What a mess!

With all this going on, my brain is a tad foggy. Spongy I guess you could say. I could blame the #IHeartTheSpark Twitter event because reading The Last Song turned my brain to mush and it hasn’t quite recovered but to be fair, I’ll just chalk it up to these other events.


On a happier note, yesterday I received Sunflowers as part of Book Club Girl’s Blog Talk Show. I also received the lovely bookmark that I won from Thomas over at My Porch. Let me tell you, getting these things in the mail after being in a car accident was like a sign from above telling me, “Don’t despair Ti! All will be okay!” 

Tomorrow I am the last TLC tour stop for The Return. I am looking forward to it and by then I am really hoping this wave of blueness passes.

15 thoughts on “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

  1. Oh no! How’s your car?

    We are having a spectacularly craptastic day. I mean serious seriously BAD. Oh, and the Pirate has a fever of 103!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear you were in an accident!! How frightening! I’m glad everyone is OK but that stuff can freak you out for awhile. And then to have to deal with the rest of that mess. Ick. No wonder you’re not feeling “go go go.’

    I’ve been having trouble getting going after the Read-A-Thon too but my days have been much better than yours. Here’s hoping things start looking up for you.

  3. I’m glad you’re all OK!

    I was in kind of a funk the day after Readathon too, but I just blamed sleep deprivation :-). I think I’m better now, though – I wrote four blog posts yesterday, I’m reading three books concurrently, and I even got stuff done at the office today!

    Hope you bounce back soon, Ti :-).

  4. I’m sorry about all your problems. Sure hope you are better now.

    We had the same reaction after the read-a-thon. I figured it was the lack of sleep.

    I’d give you a suggestion on the math if I had a solution. I had the same math phobia and then I had three children. All I can say is that some how you all live through it. We did.

  5. You are having a rough time of it. Hope you get everything back on track soon.

    I think after that much reading, that much blogging and that little sleep, you are not alone in being in a bit of a funk.

  6. Well, Ti, I can just imagine you are feeling a tad off with all that going on. And can I just say that I am right there with you on the math thing–didn’t like it when I was a kid, don’t like it any better now that I am 48! Hopefully today is looking up for you–it seems several people felt a bit blue after the read-a-thon, myself included.
    *smiles and a hug*

  7. I am sorry to hear about your accident and releieved to know you’re all okay. The stress is no good for your lupus though. I hope you’re able to relax soon and feel better.

    I don’t envy you that math work, math and I don’t get a long great! I can do it but I’d prefer to read :o) You’re a wonderful mom , though and I know you and your son will get through it together.

    The readathon took a lot out of me too and the beginning of this week hasn’t been great so I can relate to what you’re saying.

    Congratulations on Sunflower! I really want to reead that book!.

    Take care of yourself, Ti!

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