Sunday Salon: The Day After Edition

Sunday Salon

It’s the day after read-a-thon and here I am! It’s Sunday night already and I am just now getting to my Sunday Salon post. I had a really good time yesterday. I spent a total of 19.5 hours reading, although I didn’t post my last update. I was wide awake, but I got bored and I didn’t want to pick up another book so late in the game, so I did some blog hopping and then hit the sack. Thanks to all that stopped by. I really appreciate it. Those of you that made it through the entire 24 hours… I am in AWE of you! Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to organize the event. You did a great job!

Today was a lazy day. I browsed the bookstore and bought a copy of Moby Dick. I’ll have more to say about that in another post (possibly).

For dinner we made pancakes. I had to make pancakes because I watched Man vs. Food and Adam Richman was eating a whole lot of pancakes. He made me hungry! I am totally blaming him for my carb overload. Oh, and can I just say how good they were? They were goooooood.

Later this week I plan to post my review of The Girl Who Played with Fire. It reminded me of a movie. Can anyone guess which one? Think late 70’s.

I am also participating in a TLC book tour for The Return on Wednesday, 10/28. I really enjoyed that one.

Other than that, my week is open. I have a furlough day on Monday so I plan to do a bit more reading. I must finish In the Time of the Butterflies for book club which meets next week but during read-a-thon I forgot about Her Fearful Symmetry. I know!! I moved it and I forgot about it!! I was so looking forward to reading it so I may read some of that on Monday too.

What about The Last Song? Well, I read over half of it but it was so hard to keep going with it. Miley Cyrus is slated to play the lead in the movie version and frankly, I had her in my head when I read it and just could not get her OUT of my head. We watch a lot of Hannah Montana in this house and even saw her in person once, but the voice and eye-rolling would not leave my brain while I was reading.

Hope you all had a nice Sunday!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: The Day After Edition”

  1. I was late getting my Sunday Salon post up today too and I don’t have the excuse that you do. 🙂 Congratulations on completing the read-a-thon, Ti!

    I hope you enjoy your reading day tomorrow. Those furlough days are a pain, but they do come in handy for sneaking in some extra reading time, don’t they? I spent a good part of my furlough day last week reading.

    Have a great week, Ti!

  2. Congrats on your read-a-thon success! I hope to be participating next year.

    I’m very curious as to your Moby Dick purchase … I did the audio version earlier this year and although I’m glad I did, I can’t say that I enjoyed most of it. And I really thought I would. So I’ll be watching for more info on that front!

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