Friday Ramblings

It’s a beautiful day today, albeit a tad windy. I am having one of my unfocused days where all I want to do is catch-up on my reading pile but a pesky, little thing called “work” keeps getting in my way. So forgive me for my upcoming ramblings.

My book group met last night to discuss Infidel. You can read my review here. What I did not know about the book, is that it was ghost written by an unidentified female. Her identity cannot be shared since Ayaan Hirsi Ali is still receiving death threats. I’m surprised. I really had no idea that Ali has not written the book herself. Overall, the group was moved by her story and felt it to be a rewarding read. The discussion got a tad heated at times, since much of it has to do with religion but overall, a very good meeting.

I am really hungry right now. I could use a little something to nosh on. A nice little “nibbly bit.” Do you know what TV show that saying comes from? A gold star to anyone who guesses it.

It’s very quiet here today. I’m thinking I may be able to close my office door and sneak some reading in. You think?

4 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings”

  1. I had no idea that *Infidel* was ghost-written; that’s a little disappointing to me (since it’s not obvious in the marketing of the book)Glad to see you got some reading time in 🙂

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