Review: Queen Vernita’s Visitors

Dawn Menge, the author of Queen Vernita’s Visitors was nice enough to send me a review copy of her book. It arrived at the perfect time too because my daughter was wandering around the house looking for a book to read before bedtime.

Here is a brief summary from the back cover:

“Queen Vernita invites twelve wonderful friends to visit with her during each month of the year. Queen Vernita and her friends enjoy fun activities throughout the Oceaneers Kingdom. Parents and teachers will love teaching the monthly calendar, days of the week and seasons through the storytelling adventures of Queen Vernita and her friends.”

First off, my daughter is always asking me what day it is or how many days until Halloween, or Christmas or Easter. She knows the days of the week, but she has no concept of time or how many months until something takes place. As parents, we have stopped telling her about future events because it prompts weeks and weeks of questions about where and when. This is one of the reasons I was so excited about this book. We settled ourselves on the couch and dug right in.

Queen Vernita misses her friends so she decides to have them visit throughout the year. Each page announces who is visiting for that month and then describes, in detail, what they did each day of the week. My daughter enjoyed this. A lot of the activities were silly in some way, like playing “belly ball” or “cosmic bowling.” We giggled as we read and my daughter had fun guessing what they were going to do next.

As a parent reading the book to her child, it got a little repetitive but I also know that children learn through repetition. This book is very colorful and the illustrations seemed to grab her attention. After reading it, my daughter flipped back to the pages that caught her eye. This book would be perfect for any child that is learning about the calendar or the days of the week.

For more information about the book and Dawn Menge, please click here.

5 thoughts on “Review: Queen Vernita’s Visitors”

  1. Ti – this one sounds great for the kids. I just love reviews of kid’s books and this one was wonderful. Thanks.

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