The Sunday Salon – October 26, 2008

It’s been a really nice weekend even though I haven’t gotten a whole lot accomplished. Last night one of my daughter’s classmates invited her over to see his Halloween decorations. It was a nice little party. She had a good time and so did I. My husband and son came home from Six Flags exhausted but they had fun too.

Today, we had planned to do something like hit a museum or zoo but my son just woke up (11am) and now I feel as if half the day is gone. We will head out for some lunch and then probably pick up some pumpkins as I have yet to do that. I’m also cooking chili in the crock pot for dinner. The house smells wonderful. Mmmmm.

While I was waiting for everyone to wake up I picked up Creepers, by Joanne Dahme. I won this book from Booking Mama and Geri over at Running Press. It’s a YA book but I am enjoying it. Just the right amount of creepiness for this pre-Halloween weekend.

What’s on your plate today?

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – October 26, 2008”

  1. Ti, sounds like a nice weekend. I never seem to get as much done as I’d like but I guess as long as we’re spending quality time with our kids and husband, ultimately nothing else matters, right? Or at least is doesn’t matter as much as we sometimes think 🙂I’m glad you’re enjoying <>Creepers<>. I see you’re reading <>In the Woods<>. Lots of spookiness for you this week!

  2. Our day went by way too fast! I co-chaired the “cake walk” for UNICEF at church, so that kept us until almost noon. My 12-yr-old and I ran to another church to pick at the leftovers from yesterday’s fall fair – there was quite a bit to be had, still 🙂I realized that my 6-yr-old has the conjunctivitis that 4-yr-old had all last week, so my plans for attending an author event this afternoon were quashed 😦 LW12 to the rescue, I dropped her off and she recorded it for me.Now, my husband has left on a business trip, and although I don’t have yummy chili brewing in the Crock Pot, I do know what we’ll be eating and that is often half the battle at dinner time!Glad to read that you and your daughter enjoyed the bookstore yesterday, sorry to hear about the marker in her new book!

  3. Yumm-chili. One of my favorites. I make a veggie chili that I slow cook for 6 hrs and the smell in the house is heavenly. I find myself hungry all day. lol.

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