Bookstore Romp

Happy Saturday! It’s like summer here today. My husband and son went to Six Flags while I stayed with Kidlet #2. We went to lunch and then headed to the bookstore. We missed story time but we didn’t care. Outfitted with my free cappuccino and a sugar cookie for the Kidlet, we headed to the children’s section.

We spent a few hours reading all of the books that caught my daughter’s eye but there were so many books that I wanted, that I didn’t walk out with any of them.

As I was typing this, I just heard my daughter coloring with a marker and lo and behold…guess what she was doing? Writing in the new book I JUST BOUGHT HER. Not happy about that! Planned to say a few more things but that will have to wait a bit.

2 thoughts on “Bookstore Romp”

  1. What a great pic, your daughter is adorable. Yikes though on writing in books. I’ve been wanting to go spend some time at the bookstore but avoiding it because it ends up being such an expensive outing.

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