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Weekend Plans

I just enjoyed a very nice lunch with a co-worker and now I am all ready for the weekend. It’s supposed to be a damp one this weekend. Not a lot of rain but drizzle here and there. I love rainy days when I can spend them at home.

Tonight.. not much planned but tomorrow we have lots going on. Ballet, taxes and the Blue and Gold dinner for Scouts. The dinner will be a longggg event. Always is, but the kids seem to enjoy it. Although this year they are doing Chinese food and my son will not touch Chinese food with a 10 ft pole (or chopstick!). My little one will try anything. She’s like her Mom.

Oh…almost forgot about Oscar weekend. I haven’t seen too many of the movies but I always enjoy the pre-Oscar coverage. I hope to make something yummy and just hunker down to watch it. Rain, jammies..maybe even get the fireplace going. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? Ok, how many more hours of work do I have?