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Sunday Matters: Still Sunday, But Late

Sunday Matters

It’s been a busy, fun weekend. We attended an 80s party last night. Hosted by a friend I had not seen in nearly thirty years. It was an awesome party. We had so much fun. 

Right Now:

We had a big event for the junior high ministry which just ended a little while ago. Over 140 students, a rock wall, music and yes, craziness. I am just now sitting down which is why this comes to you late tonight.

This Week:

I have a few appointments this week and the call back list for the show posts Tuesday afternoon. That’s it though. 


I need to finish a book for a tour and then I am not sure what to read. My library holds are not cooperating at all.  


My DVR has an episode of Fear the Walking Dead that I need to watch, as well as an American Horror Story but I didn’t get to watch anything this weekend. 


I don’t even know why I ask this anymore. It’s not that I am too busy to plan meals. It’s more like I just don’t want to take the time to do it these days.  

Grateful for:

My sweet little pup. She is seriously the sweetest dog and always so happy when we come home.  Such a warm, warm welcome. 

That’s it. Hope you had a nice weekend.