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Sunday Matters: Long Live The Arts

Sunday Matters

It’s lunch time for me and I am coming to you late today. There just hasn’t been much time to sit down, much less to write. I really haven’t been all that busy, just distracted which I mentioned in my previous post. I’ve never been much of a dreamer but these days I spend a good chunk of my day staring off into space. It kind of feels good but doesn’t make for productive days.

Right Now:

The Hub and Girl are visiting with family, just a few miles away going over some personal belongings left by my father-in-law. The Teen is at the theatre doing a full run-thru for Little Shop of Horrors. I am just trying to catch-up on stuff around the house and prepare for the middle-school service later.

This Week:

Everyone is busy this week but I am sure that comes as no surprise. Tech rehearsals Monday and Wednesday with shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Girl and Teen are both in a choir festival this Tuesday night and The Girl has a track meet on Saturday during one of the shows but it’s a home meet at the same school so I will be doing double duty. Watching her events and working the show at the same time.

This week has been a challenge for the theatre program at the high school. It’s hard to believe how important the arts are when the school administration challenges them with things like last minute charges of $2000+ for the use of their own brand new performing arts center. Or, charging them another $2000 to remove the orchestra pit cover which can only be removed by crane. I mean, it’s the first theatrical performance in the venue. Did it not occur to anyone that the orchestra pit might be needed? The show is this week!!! Absolutely ridiculous.

All we can do as parents is try to make it as stress-free for the kids as possible. Feed them, support them, try to allow them to concentrate on the show and not all this administrative stuff that goes along with it. Give me strength.


Wrapping up my current book. Not sure what to read next. I have Simon Van Booy’s new one and Stewart O’Nan’s new one and one from Library Thing, The Library atMount Char which to be honest I started but man, it is weird.


Not much. Fear The Walking Dead is very disappointing. Due to my being so distracted lately, movies don’t hold much appeal either. I’ve been battling a sinus and ear infection which came out of nowhere. No symptoms except pain which is a totally drag. Makes me antsy.


Not a thing. All I want are take-out salads and maybe some Chinese food here and there. I do  have to bake brownies for concessions though at some point.

Grateful for:

Since the prom was the day after the funeral. I never got to share the prom pics with you. I posted them on Facebook but here’s one for you. I am grateful that The Teen was able to attend prom. It was looking a little dicey with the funeral schedule and all.

By the way, the corsage was made with the pages of The Color Purple, her favorite book.

Prom 2016

Good Stuff Happening

DTASC Winners!!
One of the moms snapped this pic but I forget who! Thank you for taking it!

Oh, My. Goodness. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been sitting on the other side of this screen fawning over the video performance of THIS group of talented performers.

Yes folks!! These guys took 1st place out of 86 schools at the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California competition! (#DTASC) They won Open Musical which is the toughest category. They did Bonnie & Clyde and they killed it! I am so proud of them.  What’s neat about the competition is that you can only use four chairs as props. It’s so cool.

I got to spend the entire day following these guys around and I have to tell you… I just love being surrounded by talent and music and kids who are just so passionate about what they do.


Next up. We are hosting a Halloween party for theatre this weekend. Should be fun! Needless to say my reading has been sporadic. Need to get back into it next week.

Then, on 11/16 they get to perform at the winner’s showcase! It’s so exciting.

What are you up to this weekend? Dressing up? Parties? Do tell.

UPDATE: I didn’t post the video publicly but if I know you and you’d like to see it and you are not on Facebook, leave me a comment and I will send it to you directly. Some folks have asked and I am more than happy to gush about it.