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Review: The Wife Between Us

The Wife Between Us

The Wife Between Us
By  Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
St. Martin’s Griffin, 9781250130945, October 2018, 432pp.

The Short of It:

The perfect read is the kind of read that has you putting off daily chores and taking extra coffee breaks to sneak in a page or two. The Wife Between Us is that kind of read.

The Rest of It:

In the beginning, the story seems pretty simple. One marriage ends and the husband from that marriage is about to marry again. The ex-wife has trouble accepting this and is jealous and very bothered by his new relationship. Is she still carrying a torch for the guy?

At first glance, it appears that way. If you read The Anonymous Girl, also by these same authors, you’d know that nothing is really what it seems.

I really can’t say much without giving things away but I like this type of book. I like books that keep you guessing. Many times I found myself putting the book down to ask myself, “What the heck?” At times, I re-read pages. Other times, I read quickly to get to the plot twist. I was eager to know how it would end and that is the perfect book for this time of the year when school is coming to a close but summer has not yet begun. Yes, definitely a good distraction read.

Have you read it? A lot of people ask me if I liked the ending. Let’s just say that I didn’t see it coming. Good, right?

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