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Redemption Falls, by Joseph O’Connor

Technically, I did not finish Redemption Falls, by Joseph O’Connor. After wrestling with the writing style, I decided to “divorce the book” after 200 pages. This is the sequel to Star Of The Sea, which I thoroughly enjoyed and although the writing style is very similar, I never understood who was talking.. or what was going on. I felt as if it was written in some cryptic language. I hate, hate, hate divorcing a book. I feel as if I have let the author down personally. Silly, I know.

Actually, if you Google “giving up on a book” all sorts of stuff comes up. Mostly advice from professional readers (my dream job). Most of them give up on a book after 50 pages. I gave up after 200..so there!! No, seriously, I really wanted to enjoy this book but I am at a point in my life where wasted time peeves me more than divorcing the book.

Anyway.. I just went to the library to pick up my next book club read.. A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah. I am looking forward to a weekend of reading. Hope you can enjoy some reading time as well.