Redemption Falls, by Joseph O’Connor

Technically, I did not finish Redemption Falls, by Joseph O’Connor. After wrestling with the writing style, I decided to “divorce the book” after 200 pages. This is the sequel to Star Of The Sea, which I thoroughly enjoyed and although the writing style is very similar, I never understood who was talking.. or what was going on. I felt as if it was written in some cryptic language. I hate, hate, hate divorcing a book. I feel as if I have let the author down personally. Silly, I know.

Actually, if you Google “giving up on a book” all sorts of stuff comes up. Mostly advice from professional readers (my dream job). Most of them give up on a book after 50 pages. I gave up after there!! No, seriously, I really wanted to enjoy this book but I am at a point in my life where wasted time peeves me more than divorcing the book.

Anyway.. I just went to the library to pick up my next book club read.. A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah. I am looking forward to a weekend of reading. Hope you can enjoy some reading time as well.


One thought on “Redemption Falls, by Joseph O’Connor”

  1. I love your phrase “divorce the book.” Makes it sound so much more noble than ‘give up.’I do give 50 pages, generally, but will often keep going if urged to by someone that I trust to recommend worthwhile reading.Then again, I my job is fairly close to ‘professional reader,’ though most of the reading happens outside of work hours.

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