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100 Things (in three parts) – Part One

I’ve always wanted to post a “100 Things” post about myself but never seem to have the time to sit down and do it properly. So… I am doing it in three parts and will post bits throughout the week. It sounds silly. I know it does, but you can learn a lot about a person from these posts. Shall I begin?

1. I yell a lot.
2. My favorite color is olive green.
3. If there are french fries on my plate, they must be eaten before the burger.
4. I talk to myself. All the time.
5. I like my cream, with a tiny bit of coffee.
6. I’ve never had a true, best friend.
7. The first library card I ever had, was forged by me because I couldn’t get my mom’s signature. I was 7.
8. I crack my knuckles.
9. I cannot stand it when people talk on their cell phones while using the facilities.
10. I talk with buds from high school nearly every day. Facebook is good for that.
11. I tell it like it is.
12. I detest cigarette smoke even though I smoked for two years when I was younger.
13. I cannot deal with drunks.
14. Flip flops are my shoe of choice.
15. I’ve no tolerance for teens with potty mouths.
16. I’ve been known to curse like a sailor.
17. I’m not a fan of weak women.
18. I’m a reality TV junkie.
19. I prefer gift bags over wrapping paper.
20. I can’t attend movies in the theater anymore because the talking bugs me.
21. I like to plan when I am going to plan.
22. I can tell what a person is all about within 3 minutes of meeting him/her and I am always right.
23. I can’t draw anything other than stick figures.
24. I screen my phone calls before picking them up.
25. I appear to be very organized but really, I am a seething, whirling, mass of confusion.
26. I enjoy doing laundry.
27. I think I’d do well as a stand-up comic.
28. I’ve never been a fan of Botox but lately… it doesn’t sound so bad.
29. I always smell nice. Smelling nice is a priority with me.
30. I cannot stand fair-weather friends. I’d rather have none.
31. Respect is a big thing with me.
32. I can eat chili peppers with the best of ’em.
33. I like to shop for others, but hate to shop for myself.

Tune in later this week for Part Two!