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The Sunday Salon: Hitting a Wall

Girl and Otter Pup
It’s been gorgeous this weekend. Basketball ended for The Boy and tennis ended for The Girl and believe it or not, it’s time to enroll them in summer camp programs. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year. I love that everything is beginning to bloom and the scent from all the blooming flowers warms my soul, but why is it that we need to plan so far in advance for things?

I hate having to think about summer right now. Hate. It. I also hate shelling out a bunch of cash for these programs when they are still a ways off. However, the kids don’t feel this way, of course. It gives them something to look forward to so I am trying to follow their lead, and think the same way. It’s a struggle, but I’m working on it.

As you can see above, The Girl has begun to read to the Otter Pup and the Otter Pup loves it. Apparently, no one ever did this for her before. They hunker down with a stack of books and really have fun with it.

The Otter Pup

Chloé is not the best picture taker. As soon as I get near her, she rolls over and becomes The Otter Pup but how can you not love that face? That pouty bottom lip? Too cute.

Sunday Salon Button

This weekend, I hit a wall with my reading. I finished The Little Stranger, which I loved but now I don’t seem to want to read anything else. I have all sorts of wonderful books to choose from. In fact, I just received a bunch this past week that I’m really excited about, but I feel a bit distracted and antsy.

The earthquake in Japan, and the coverage of the event has left me in a very strange mood. The footage is hard to ignore, yet it breaks my heart to watch it. Having experienced a large earthquake firsthand, I know exactly what those folks are feeling right now, but we didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of a tsunami, not to mention the threat of radiation poisoning. My thoughts are with those folks.

Today will be a subdued kind of day.