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Hello Weekend

The weekend is finally here. Boy, has it been a long week! People have been asking me for stuff at work (the nerve) and then school started for the kids so my world has been a bit chaotic. My little one just cannot get going in the morning without a battle. Grrrr.

Tonight is the big PTO Spaghetti & Bingo night. Yes, I am also on PTO and this is one of the events that the kids (and parents) really get a kick out of. We’ll be dishing out pasta and calling out numbers and hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy a little bit of time with my own family. My son is just dying to call out the numbers. We shall see.

My friend had a big “back to school” pool party planned for this weekend but it had to be cancelled at the last minute, so my weekend is open. My husband has some special training he has to go to on Sunday (yep, a Sunday) so the age old question comes up. What do I do with the kids? I sort of just want to stay home and hang out but they always get bored. I don’t get kids. They always have to be doing something 24/7. I could easily spend the entire weekend just moping around relaxing.

I guess that is the different between kids and an almost forty-year-old.

Museum Day!

So rare for me but yesterday I got to enjoy an “adult” breakfast. That meant no kids and adult conversation. What a treat! I met up with some friends and then after breakfast we headed over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). There, we feasted our eyes on contemporary art and also a special exhibit on Japanese art from 1615-1868. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and no smog! A rarity for sure!. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I did not get a lot of reading done since I was gone most of the day but I did manage to read a chapter or two of The Lace Reader. I am loving this book! I will post the review here when I am finished but it may take me awhile. I am savoring every word right now and don’t want it to end.

School starts this week for the kids. I know… so soon! I have a kindie meeting tonight with the teacher and then the next couple of days will be spent getting used to the schedule. I have two kids in school now so I will have to iron out the schedule as far as”making lunches, laying out clothes”, etc. It’s a lot for one person to remember so I am going to share my expectations with my husband so he is well aware of what I need in the way of help.

The beginning of school is always exciting but also a bit of work. I’d love to be able to take the week off so I could prepare for it but that’s a dream for sure. Wish us luck!