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My Brain Hurts

Do you ever have days where your brain just hurts from thinking too much? Not a headache.. but brain ache. Well I am having one of those days. I am working on a project at work that I really, really, really do not want to work on and the mere act of thinking about it is a real challenge.

If I had a window, I would be gazing out of it, completely tuned out.

I do not have a window though, so I digress.

I suppose it is a good thing I have a few days off next week. Maybe I can re-group and start over. You think?? Nahhhh.

Tonight is Open House at my son’s school. I have to solo it with the kids as my other half has a prior commitment. I love Open House though. Seeing all the work, where my kid sits in class. It’s like being nosy but with permission. The only down side is that I have to miss my monthly book group meeting and I picked the book for this month.

Will try to do some reading tonight to make up for it.



Back in January, I signed up for an aerobics dance class. For the most part, it is a “step” class that involves a lot of up and down movements. The teacher makes it fun. I tend to enjoy it even though it completely busts my butt. Lately though, I have become bored with it. I was dreading another week but this week, the instructor surprised us with a kickboxing segment.

It was as if my prayers had been answered. YAY!

OK.. now that I am doing it, who am I kidding? It’s hard! Really hard. Why did I think it was going to be easier? Jabbing, while kicking is not an easy task. I mean, when do you jab and kick in every day life? Ummmmm, never!

So right now I am sitting here, fully aware of every ache and pain in my body. Sometimes I am all for “toughing it out” but right now, I am in one of those moods where toughing it out is not an option. I want to wince, moan and groan. Wallow in my misery. Sometimes it just feels good to do that. Putting on a happy face is highly overrated anyway. Don’t you think?

Off I go.