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Throwing Caution To The Wind

With school out, kids all over are spending their days in summer camps or day camps, making crafts, cooking stuff and swimming until their hands turn pruney. Ah… the dog days of summer. For my son, today is Theme Park Wednesday (aka Field Trip Day). He is going to Six Flags Magic Mountain which is not so much a theme park, as it is a THRILL park. Lots and lots of extreme rides and he told me that he is going to spend the entire day, screaming like a girl.

However, I am a bit anxious about it. Last summer, he was not tall enough to go on the super fast rides. So he went on the “mid” rides and was happy with that. A year later, and 3 inches taller, he now makes the height requirement and it has opened all sorts of doors for him. I use that term loosely because many of these rides have no doors per se. Anyway, you know what I mean.

He asked me this morning if he could sign up for the MAX rides, and after taking a deep breath and stammering out all sorts of safety precautions like making sure the belts are secure and that the lap bars are in the correct position, and after talking about it with my husband.. I eeked out a “Yes”.

What immediately came to mind, was our last trip to Disneyland where my son, very tall for his age but as skinny as a rail, almost flew out of Big Thunder. That is not considered a larger ride and he almost slid out! Now granted, I was sitting with him and his lap bar probably could not come down all the way because it was hung up on my “after two kids belly” Ahem.. ‘nough said about that.

So today I am hoping for a smooth day at Magic Mountain. No episodes, no injuries.. no lost voices (as he has a dress rehearsal tonight for the show he is in).

I know, I know… I can’t control everything.


Busy Weekend

I think I am one of those people that has to be busy at all times. I don’t enjoy it, at least I don’t think so, but when I am not busy I get sort of anxious and walk around in circles a lot. This weekend is the weekend before production week for the show my son is in. Production week is always crazy and often filled with late nights, bad eating and short fuses. It’s chaos, but fun chaos.

This weekend, we also have Cub Scout graduation (my son is going into Webelos II) and then for Father’s Day, the kids and I are heading to Carpinteria for a picnic on the beach. That means I have to go shopping for all the yummy stuff we want to bring.. and then somewhere in there, my son wants to take my husband to see that Zohan movie. I know (groan). My husband loves stupid movies and his collection of them is quite vast.

Right now I am about to meet someone for lunch so I am looking forward to some good book/girl talk. Hopefully the work day will fly by for me after that. You think?