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Back to Normal

The show closed last night. The kids were all amazing and we had a lot of fun backstage. It was a full week of long nights and lots of bad meals (eating on the go, etc.). Today is my first day back without rehearsal or running around so I am looking forward to actually cooking a meal tonight and not having to order one that has a number assigned to it.

Now that things are slowing down, I intend to catch-up on all my reading. Just about done with my book club’s pick for July. I’m also trying to figure out the itinerary for our vacation. We will be visiting Colorado (Boulder and Denver) and other than visiting the Tattered Cover Bookstore, I have nothing else planned! I better get on that too.

No rehearsals or scouts or PTO meetings. Whatever will I do with myself? Oh yeah.. still have to work. Wishful thinking.

Two Shows Down, Four to Go!

Opening night for Joseph was awesome! No problems backstage. Everyone got to the stage on time and no one fell into the orchestra pit! That is always a worry of mine since the little ones are always in front (it has happened once or twice before).

I have been working backstage, so today is the first time I actually get to watch the show from the audience. It’s funny. We still have several more shows to do but we have already started to talk about the next one which will be The Music Man. It’s in the blood. What can I say?