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Show Update

It’s opening day for the show my son is in! Last night we had one broken finger and lots of broken props. I am about to head out for that but I checked my favorite blogs first thing this morning and found out that I won a book giveaway over at Age 30 – A Year of Books. Yay!! Thanks Heather!

More on the show later. Have a good weekend.

Go! Go! Go Joseph!

It’s production week! My son has been rehearsing for this since February and although it seems like a long time, the months have just has flown by. Tonight is the first night in the theatre which is always exciting.

I am in charge of props which is a bit stressful until you figure out where everything goes but once you have that down, you can work it from backstage and usually watch the show at the same time. There is nothing like working backstage. The kids are so talented and they never fail to amaze me. I have an amazing group of women helping me this time around too.

We’ve got a few days to work it all out before opening day (Friday) and I anticipate lots and lots of fun and even funnier stories. I have to remember to take more pictures this time as I always get swept up with it all and forget to document the moment.

Just in case any of the kids are reading this.. break a leg guys! The show will be awesome!