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Reading Rooms, Corners and Nooks

I’ve always wanted my very own reading room. Not so much a library, but a room used primarily for reading. It would have a lot of natural light and be equipped with this chair. I love Pottery Barn, but $1955 + shipping is a bit steep for me. However, every time I see this chair I go back to wanting to design a room for this purpose. I mean really, look at that chair. It begs to have a room designed around it.

I made the mistake of giving the loft to my kids. They use it for video games and TV and surfing the web but I was thinking that my master bedroom is large enough to carve out a reading nook (of sorts) or I could convert the garage or I could add-on a sun room at some point.

If you could design your own reading room or corner, what would you include in it? I’m thinking that in addition to the chair and ottoman, I’d need a table to hold a beverage (not the glass of whiskey you see here but one never knows), a nice warm blanket to snuggle up with, and a really cool lamp. Some art work would be a plus. Someone asked me this question the other day and I simply said “a door with a lock” hahaha. That would be a big plus too as I am often interrupted.

The Hub is suggesting a gazebo, as we have a very large yard but unless it’s like the gazebo from The Sound of Music, then I’m thinking no.

If you have a reading room or nook, what makes it special to you? If you don’t have one, what would you want to include in it? When I was a kid I used to hunker down behind a piece of furniture and there was something magical about having my own space. I can’t very well do that now. Well, I could but people would talk.

The Sunday Salon: Love Spring. Hate Spring Forward.

Today is just gorgeous! That’s why this post is coming to you so late. I’ve been out and about soaking up the sun and loving every minute of it. EXCEPT, I do not love Spring Forward at all. I’ve been battling a tiny head cold all weekend and although it’s just a head cold, I am going in for a test that will have to be canceled IF I cannot ditch the cold so waking up to the sun, streaming into my bedroom window was a bit jarring to my NyQuil induced state. I do feel much better though, now that I’ve adjusted to the time change a bit. It will take me all week to feel like normal though.

After doing a few chores around the house, my family and I drove to Old Town Pasadena and had a lovely brunch at Russell’s. It was really good! I had breakfast while everyone else had lunch but it was really nice to just sit down and enjoy a nice, leisurely meal. You see, people were still stumped by the time change so waiting for a table only took about ten minutes. That’s the plus side to Spring Forward.

We did some window shopping, sampled a sweet treat (or two) and then headed to Vroman’s Bookstore. Sigh. Going to Vroman’s is like dying and going to heaven. I picked up a few items:

Ethan Frome (for book group later this year. It’s scheduled for much later this year but for some reason I had to buy it today).

The Dead and the Gone (Hello! This is the follow-up to Life as We Knew It. Had to have it since book three comes out soon).

Rules (My son starts junior high in August and this is the book that they need to read over the summer!).

The Book Thief (This is my club’s pick for April. I won’t be there for the discussion since I have open house that night,  but I’ll read it anyway as I’ve always wanted to).

Someone at a Distance (Yes! It’s a Persephone Book! I’ve not read any of Whipple’s work so I was excited to find this).

I think I scored! I mean, they weren’t on sale but when you walk into a store and find everything on your list, you sort of feel good about it.

We just finished dinner so I’m about to curl-up with the last 20 pages of The Help. That is, if I can tune-out Miley Says Goodbye which has been seen in this house FIVE times since we got home. You’d think that the “goodbye” in the title would actually mean GOODBYE but nope. I’m not that lucky.


I also want to take a moment to thank Kristin from Always with a Book,  for the awards that she’s passed to me:

I am horrible with the rules for each award but I always appreciate getting them. Thanks so much for sharing them with me!