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Review: Blood on Snow

Blood on Snow

Blood on Snow
By Jo Nesbø
(Knopf, Hardcover, 9780385354196, April 7, 2015, 224pp.)

The Short of It:

Short, quick read but lacking in the depth and complexity that I’ve come to expect from Nesbø.

The Rest of It:

Olav Johansen has been many things and not good at any of them. He tried his hand as a pimp and failed miserably. Also failed at robbing banks, so it’s rather surprising that he’s good at his current job, which happens to be a fixer for a man named Hoffman. The only problem is that Olav’s next job happens to be “fixing” Hoffman’s wife. A bit of a problem since Olav has fallen in love with her.

If I had picked this book up without knowing who wrote it, I’d say it was a “too safe” crime novel but knowing the author and his work quite well, I have to ask the question. Why? Why write a crime novel that has absolutely no suspense whatsoever?

Nesbø is quite successful now. I think anything with his name on it is going to sell regardless of what’s on the page. So maybe he wanted to experiment a little? His decision to focus on the bad guy is a bit different, but what surprised me is that there didn’t really seem to be anyone looking for Olav except other bad guys. Zzzzz.

The book is only 224 pages long and it lacks the element of surprise. There’s no mystery. No dramatic conclusion. I suppose some might consider the ending to be dramatic but I didn’t. I just felt it lacked a pulse. As a standalone novel, it was a quick read and I can see someone grabbing this before boarding a plane but it won’t hold your attention like some of his other books.

In summary, not terribly impressed with this one. His Harry Hole books are much more complex and engaging.

Source: Sent to me by the publisher via Edelweiss
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