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Whatnot – Week 7

Buckle-up because I think the next few days will be trying, to say the least. However, I am back at work and trying to establish routines again and that includes not burying myself in the news. I do what I can to distract myself, whether it be walking, digging around on my hillside or purging and organizing. Of course, work is keeping me busy as well as we prepare for the new semester.

I am also trying to focus on health. Moving more, changing my diet up so that it’s mostly plant-based. I had THE most amazing veggie burger at Fatburger the other day, on a gluten-free bun and then almost killed myself later in the evening because I had a horrible reaction to it. You guessed it. WHEAT. I had checked their ingredients before but not recently. My own fault but I felt like someone punched me in the throat and then my tongue kept swelling. Lots of Benadryl did the trick but it was a little scary.

How are you all doing? It’s hard to find something new to talk about when your days feel pretty much the same, huh? On my walk this morning I was hit with the delightful smell of laundry being done. I don’t know about you but the smell of fabric softener is so comforting to me. We no longer use it due to what it does to the environment but I love that comforting smell!

I have been browsing review copies that are available and there are a lot of good books coming out. I just requested Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It comes out June 1st and looks so good! You may remember her previous book Daisy Jones and the Six!

Malibu Rising

That’s all I have. No auditions this weekend so maybe we can venture outside of these four walls and take a drive somewhere. Hope you all have a good week.

Sunday Matters: Just Like That, and It’s Back to Reality

Sunday Matters

The return to work after a long vacation is always hard. I am just taking this day to chill before it all starts back up again. I am still working remotely so that makes it easier.

Right Now:

I am enjoying some coffee and some weekend news. It’s the only kind of news I can tolerate these days. Pet stories, entertainment news and food segments. Then, the Hub, pup and I will be off for an adventure so my daughter can complete her Baldwin Wallace audition without any distractions. The Otter Pup is known to photobomb you when on Zoom and if someone walks past the house she will bark. Not conducive to the audition process so she gets to go on an adventure with us.

Later today, youth group starts up again via Zoom and school starts back up again on Monday, remotely, so their brains will be occupied with that, I’m sure. I know it’s on my daughter’s mind.

This Week:

Work for me. School for the girl. That’s it and that’s enough. I’ve got to figure out some meal planning too. Trying to work more plant-based meals in. I have no issue with this but finding meals everyone will eat and ones that also do not have gluten can be challenging.


The Overstory. Might take me awhile to read given that my current reading pace is that of a snail. Slow.


We are finishing up Cobra Kai today, hopefully. Just one more episode. Not sure what we will watch after that. Bridgerton looks interesting to me but I can’t see the Hub watching it.

Also, I might have fallen into the Grey’s Anatomy hole. My daughter has been watching it recently and I can’t help but watch it with her. So much drama. I had to pull a palm tree out of my yard the other day and I had her pause it until I finished and then came back all covered in branches so I could see the ending.

Grateful for:

  • My son is all settled into his new place now. He still needs a few pieces of furniture but for the most part, he’s all set up.
  • This would never have come out of my mouth a year ago but I am grateful for physical activity. It’s the only thing that wears me down these days. Without it, my mind goes into spin mode.
  • This community. Readers are the best people.

I hope you are enjoying this weekend and if you are going back to work like I am on Monday, we will get through the week and be celebrating Friday in no time.