Book Group & Trip

My book group met last night to discuss I, Mona Lisa. I gave my opinion of it in a previous post but most of the book group did not think too much of it. It was classified as a “bodice ripper” by most, even though it is technically considered Historical Fiction. We all pretty much decided not to choose such one-dimensional books in the future. Of course the person that chose the book was not there. It would have been nice to get her take on it.

This Sunday I leave for a business conference. I will be gone for 4 days. My husband with be on his own with the kids. My son has auditions for his next show and my husband has never done the “audition thing” with him so I have employed the help of a friend to make sure my son gets to where he needs to be. A little back-up can’t hurt, right?

I plan to catch-up on my reading and will be checking stuff online while gone. Have a good weekend!




I have a problem with parasites. I think most people do. I would HOPE that most people do, but there is this one person that has said to me more than once that parasites have plagued her family, yet the kids are still in school and nothing is done to remedy the situation. I am talking head lice, and bed bugs. Yep. Paints a nice picture doesn’t it?

Can a person really be THAT ignorant? She thinks it is a pesky problem, but not a big deal. A little itching.. some sores. Is she nuts?? I just about came unglued. Even if you take the other kids out of it, how can it be okay that your own kids are uncomfortable? Also, parasites are not choosy.. if her kids are infected..I am sure she is too. That made me cringe as I was standing a mere 2 feet away from her. To make matters worse..this has happened more than once.

I say this all the time.. “you can’t fix stupid” and it is so true!


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