Back To The Grind

I love long weekends (who doesn’t?) but now my days are off. It probably doesn’t help that my 4 year-old woke up with the birds almost every day this past weekend. One night it was midnight, and one night right around 3am. Her reason? She was hungry or she wasn’t tired anymore. It’s hard to be angry with her when she is so cute but man, I need my rest so I can be a somewhat normal human being come morning.

Today’s Tuesday, right?

So here I am at work. Working on a project that is due this Friday. I am pretty much done but I am putting the finishing touches on it. Once that project is under my belt, I will be free to finish up my summer reading list and also the one for my son. I can’t wait! I will be a happy, happy girl come Friday afternoon.

I will be taking a break later this afternoon to sign up at the gym (here on campus). I’m sure my fitness antics will be the source of some funny posts in the near future. I am not athletically inclined and prone to sports related injuries. I do try though! I am looking forward to reading on the elliptical. It motivates me to do more when there is reading involved.

Well.. back to work I go.

Memorial Day Weekend

It’s always nice to have some time off. Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary by seeing Wicked at the Pantages in Hollywood, Ca. It was fantastic! I had no idea that it was so funny and the sets were really beautiful. We left the kids with Grandma but after my son found out about us going..we promised to take him for this 10th birthday. He is in his 5th theater production for a local community theater and I know he will love Wicked. He is really looking forward to it. I am also thinking about picking up the novel as the play was based on the book.

Today we made the infamous Trump turkey burger recipe that was featured on Oprah. My MIL made it and said it was pretty good so I made it today. It was yummy! I would add a bit more salt and do not cook it any longer than it says in the recipe or the burger will be dry. I sort of fell off the vegan wagon. Don’t tell.

Tomorrow, we are going to the cemetery to place flowers on Momo and Papa’s grave. He served in the army and Momo just died very recently so it will be our first trip over since her death. We will be thinking of them this holiday.

Have a good one.

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