Still Kicking (Barely)

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been. Come on, admit it. Well I was hit with THE sinus infection from H-E-L-L. Actually, it began with a sinus infection but the 3 hour wait to see a doctor via Urgent Care is probably what did me in. There were dozens of people that were very sick also waiting to be seen and I just don’t think my immune system could ward off all those other “germies”. Stayed home for three days and had to come to work today to teach a class. Now that I am here though, I see that there is only ONE person enrolled. Why was this not cancelled???? And on Valentine’s day no less! I am tanked up on meds and will muddle through it I suppose but I am not happy about it!

Also, as I was home sick, it became apparent to me that my dear feline friend of almost 17 years, is really on his last legs. He does not appear to be in any pain but he has stopped eating and drinking now. I will have to keep an eye on him and at the first signs of distress I am going to need to make a decision. Please keep him in your thoughts. He will be 17 years old on March 17th and was with me when I first moved out on my own. He has been a good friend and has been through lots..including the L.A. Riots, the Northridge quake, the So. California wildfires. He has seen it all!

In spite of everything.. it is HEART’s day! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and spend it with someone you care about.

Till tomorrow..


Liquid Gold

Nothing like starting the day with a big dose of NyQuil. I only wish that it had the 25% alcohol content that is used to have back when I was younger. It would make for a much better workday..that’s for sure. Still sniffling and snuffling..ahem. NyQuil…take me away.

Today I am going to lunch with some co-workers. That’s always fun. Not sure where we are going yet but anywhere outside of this building is perfectly fine by me.

It is finally Friday. Gawd it has been a long week. What do you have planned for the weekend? I wanted to catch that movie 27 Dresses but my plans fell through. Then, as luck would have it.. a last minute card workshop is being thrown by a close friend so I will attend that instead. Providing this cold/plague/whatever you call it is no longer around.

After that, our Family is going to Ojai on Sunday. Just for the day, but we like to do breakfast and then peruse the Farmer’s Market. Maybe we will hit Santa Barbara too.. there is a used bookstore there that I am particularly fond of.

Other than that, my daughter has dance class and I have go to the market (boo hiss) and Target(Tar-jay). I just HATE the market! It’s such a menial task but hey, the kidlets have to eat. Don’t mind Target so much other than the fact that I CANNOT leave there without spending at least $80. I personally believe the scanners are rigged to calculate your total bill to be $80 or more. At least they have $tarbucks there.

Anyway, more later…


Chatting with friends about books and life…