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The Sunday Salon: Where Did The Week Go?

It’s Sunday. Really. Hmph.

My week off went by so quickly. We had a lovely Thanksgiving. We lounged around. We watched movies. We ate, and ate, and ate. My goodness, that turkey was the best turkey EVER!

I shopped. A little. It wasn’t too crazy. I was glad.

However, I find myself blue. I have been in a down mood for the past week or two. I know in part it’s related to my situation at work (forced furloughs) and I know that there is so much else to be thankful for (truly, I am thankful) but I am so blue. Also, something happened that’s left me very sad. I get incredibly pensive when my actions are doubted in any way. I need to snap out of it.

So. I’ve been  reading. I just finished In a Perfect World. I loved it, but it did nothing to lift my spirits. You’ll see why when I post the review. I have also been reading Under the Dome and today I am seeing The Road. I know! For a person who is blue I sure picked a bunch of depressing books/movies to occupy my time with.

I have Monday off (furlough) so I am going to spend the day re-grouping. Hopefully after a day of quite, nothingness I’ll be back to my normal self.

How was your week? What movies did you see? I saw New Moon, it was better than the book but you all know what I thought about the book. I hope The Road does the book justice and that it doesn’t send me spiraling into despair. Just kidding. I know what the book did to me so I am prepared!

Sunday Salon: Prepping, Cooking, Eating Edition

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dinner since I was about 21 years-old and it’s the one time of the year where I cook with abandon and don’t worry about calories or the amount of fat being consumed. I used to cook for a very large group but these days, it’s just my immediate family and it’s lovely!! The day before I chop and prep while watching episodes of Absolutely Fabulous and Thanksgiving is spent watching movies, being lazy and then serving a lovely dinner. I have to work Monday but then I am off through the following Monday so I will have seven full days of heaven and hopefully lots of leftovers!

What about Black Friday you ask? Well, Black Friday is a tradition that my friend and I have. We have breakfast and then hit the stores but we don’t do the early, early stuff. We plan to see New Moon after, but it depends on how wiped out we are or how long the lines are. I need to get my list together.

That said, my food shopping is all done and I am cooking meals for the early part of the week so that I don’t have to be rushing around on my days off. The kids will be in school so I should able spend some time with my long, lost friends…BOOKS!

Tomorrow (Monday) I am hosting our first Moby Dick Monday update. You can read about it here and please join in if you are at all compelled to do so. Quite a few people have joined us since the initial post and I have to say that it’s been much more pleasant doing this with company.

Tomorrow I am also a TLC tour stop for Saving Sammy which was a very interesting read considering my health issues of late.

Today I have more Moby Dick to read and then perhaps I will finish Her Fearful Symmetry. What are you reading right now?