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The Sunday Salon: When a Break is not a Break

The Sunday Salon

Have you ever geared up for a break and then when the break started wondered why you even took one to begin with? It’s Spring Break but it started off with a botched mattress delivery from a big box store. Then The Hub and I bickered over how they handled it. That put the kids in a foul mood. The Girl has been testing me and The Boy and her have been at each other, too. I  mean, we haven’t even gone anywhere yet.


I wish Spock would render me unconscious with the Vulcan nerve pinch.

On a reading note, I managed to finish two of the books on my immediate TBR list. I’m very happy about that. If I can just keep up the pace, I’ll be done with the list in no time.

Hopefully things will settle down a bit and the rest of the week will be much more pleasant.

Could be fun, or very embarrassing…

The other day I was thinking (stifle your giggles, please) about why I like to visit blogs and it really comes down to something quite simple. My main reason for visiting a blog is usually the blogger. There is a connection there or I can really hear his/her voice when she writes. I also enjoy personal tidbits. I know this is an area of controversy because some bloggers are very strict about not posting anything too personal, but I really enjoy those little hints of who they really are.

In an effort to be more open, I was wondering if there is anything you’d like to know about me.  This is of course hinging on the idea that people would like to know more about me. This is where it could get embarrassing. What if no one responds? What if I hear nothing but crickets? Well, that would be a story in and of itself, wouldn’t it?

So, if there is something you’d like to know about me, ask me in comments or email me if it’s one of those super-secret questions that you would only ask in confidence. I’ll answer them in a post, or over a few posts depending on how many questions I get.

If no one asks anything I will crawl off and seek counseling immediately. Just kidding. Oh my, I can already hear the crickets.