The Sunday Salon: Rain! Finally!

Photo Credit: LA Times

For once, the big storm that was predicted to hit over the weekend, actually hit and I can’t even begin to tell you how much we needed it. It started on Friday, and even though there was mention of a tornado or two, my area did not see any of that. There was some crazy weather though. Check out this video from Santa Barbara.

Even though it was coming down good, we all loved it! I made Chicken Tortilla soup and we just hung around. I have yet to get any reading done. Between the coming and going of The Teen and the play date that The Girl had last-minute at our house, I could not get any reading done, but there is something very relaxing about a rainy weekend spent indoors. The Otter Pup won’t agree. She was pretty scared on Friday. She won’t have to worry this week though because it’s predicted to be 80 degrees by Wednesday.

This morning, we are all off to church. The Teen, to his church and the rest to ours. Don’t ask.

This week? More of the same. Track practice four times this week, depending on the condition of the track, which was under 4 inches of water the last time I saw it, book club, and work. Blah.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I am trying to finish Beautiful Ruins. for book club We meet this Thursday to discuss the book but it is not working for me! I am also reading The Realm of Last Chances which is for an online club, also “meeting” this week and it’s good but it’s taking me awhile to read it. I started Dept. of Speculation and it has immediately grabbed my attention.

What am I cooking?

I made Chicken Tortilla soup yesterday and it was delicious. Today, I am making a big pot of chili, a huge tray of cornbread and we are grilling brats. It’s still gloomy out but so far, it has not rained today. It looks like it could though and I am hoping it does.

What am I watching?

The Girl and I will be watching all the Oscar red carpet shows and then The Hub and Teen will be joining us to watch the show later. I may have to switch over to The Walking Dead though because that is not a show to miss but we’ll see. Oh, and the Bates Motel starts again this Monday. I am so excited!

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Rain! Finally!”

  1. We had chili last night too, although it’s a bit colder here and perfect for chili. 🙂 Glad you got the rain you needed. I tried a Jess Walter book too and it didn’t grab me either, so you’re not alone.

    1. I just finished the Walter book. It was not terrible but sort of silly, in my opinion.  Not really too much to discuss. 

      It was still gloomy for our chili and it was really good. I cooked it all day long and we haven’t had chili in so long that it was a real treat. Even The Teen ate it! Mr. Picky Pants. 


    1. I make chicken tortilla soup all the time but this batch was lacking flavor so I had to add a bunch of stuff to it to fix it.  I think it’s because of the broth I used. I added organic, gluten free broth and I swear, that stuff was like water. I had chicken on the bone in there and that added flavor but I had to send the hub out for additional ingredients. That has never happened before. Turned out really good though but was a lot of extra work. 


  2. I’m glad you got rain. Someone said this was like the biggest drought in the last 100 years for you. And I’m so very sad you didn’t like Beautiful Ruins. I loved that book SO HARD…one of my favorites the year I read it. Your soup sounds so good! I may have to find me a good recipe.

    1. Really? You loved Beautiful Ruins that much? Maybe the audio is better but the print version was lacking in something.  I really have no clue what our club will talk about this Thursday. I think I would have preferred the focus to have stayed on the Italian half of the novel. The Claire/Deane/Shane half was like an intrusion. 


    1. I guess the Oscars did not get great ratings but I enjoyed the show. It was nice and clean and maybe a little on the safe side, but it was nice to for my daughter to watch it without me having to explain about a “boob song” etc. 


  3. Beautiful Ruins was not my thing either. Think I rated it 2/5 stars

    So happy you got the much needed rain.

    1. I just don’t get the point of Beautiful Ruins. What’s it saying? It seems like one of those made for tv movies. 


  4. Yay for rain! We had some today but it came in the form of frozen pellets and now our driveway is iced over and I won’t be able to go to the grocery store tomorrow. Eeeeep!!

    The chicken tortilla soup sounds delicious! And Beautiful Ruins was meh for me as well. The audio was fantastic at least.

    1. Ice, huh? Our rain was so nice. It really came down Saturday but it was spread over the entire day so it was manageable and didn’t flood out my patio (which tends to happen sometimes). I am in soup mode. All I want is soup and since we have four nights of track practice, it’s nice that soup and chili leftovers are just waiting for us to heat them up. 


  5. I love a good chicken tortilla soup recipe!! Now, I’m thinking I need to pull it out for dinner this week myself!

    I watched most of the Oscars last night, but did have to turn it over to TWD in the middle of it. That’s my priority on Sunday nights!

    1. I was able to watch all of the oscars and then flip to TWD. What was up with TWD last night? It was not enjoyable  and I was so looking forward to DARYL!


    1. If it makes you feel any better, I ended up not grilling because the hub got home from the gym too late and it started to rain again. So, I grilled them on the stove top but they came out weird. 


  6. Notices of your posts have stopped showing up in my email suddenly…weird. I love a big rain storm, the kind that you don’t go out in if you can help it!. The soup sounds yummy. Grilled brats are big in my family since my dad grew up in Wisconsin – Sheboygan, brat country! I think it’s great your whole family goes to church even if you don’t all go to the same one.

    I hope you have a good week, Ti.

    1. Amy, maybe you have to subscribe by email again. I have a button at the top left of my page. I subscribe to my own blog just to make sure it works and I had to do it again myself. 


  7. It’s funny how the book you don’t have to read for a book club or a blog tour or any such commitment is the one that always hooks you. Glad you guys had rain this weekend – it made big news even here.

  8. I heard and watched on TV the torrential rain in LA just before the Oscars. Glad you finally got some needed moisture. And the Oscars went well too.

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