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Viva Las Vegas!

I am posting this from my HEUG convention in sunny, Las Vegas, Nevada. Today is the last day of the conference and I am ready to go home. REALLY enjoyed the junior suite at The Signature Hotel and it was nice to have some much needed alone time but I am ready to go home.

My son made the callback list for the show he auditioned for so tonight he gets to do his thing again. Break a leg!

Anyway..back to the conference.


Book Group & Trip

My book group met last night to discuss I, Mona Lisa. I gave my opinion of it in a previous post but most of the book group did not think too much of it. It was classified as a “bodice ripper” by most, even though it is technically considered Historical Fiction. We all pretty much decided not to choose such one-dimensional books in the future. Of course the person that chose the book was not there. It would have been nice to get her take on it.

This Sunday I leave for a business conference. I will be gone for 4 days. My husband with be on his own with the kids. My son has auditions for his next show and my husband has never done the “audition thing” with him so I have employed the help of a friend to make sure my son gets to where he needs to be. A little back-up can’t hurt, right?

I plan to catch-up on my reading and will be checking stuff online while gone. Have a good weekend!