Review: Paper Purses by Klutz

This is not a true review in that this book does not have a storyline but I just hit my favorite indie bookstore and picked up Paper Purses by Klutz. I went in there to buy Loving Frank and my daughter had to have this book so she used some of her Christmas money to buy it.

I have to tell you, she has been downstairs playing with this for well over an hour now. Think “paper dolls” but with purses. The book has four purses that you can punch out and decorate (goodies included). In addition to the four purses, there are “accessories” such as punch-out lip balm, cell phone, credit cards, etc. At first I wasn’t thrilled with her selection because ripping pages out of a book just doesn’t sit well with me, even if that is what you are supposed to do with it, but after playing with it for awhile, I see the draw.

This would be a neat gift for any little girl that loves arts and crafts, fashion or just make-believe in general. At $14.95 it is a tad pricey but seeing how she loves it so, I feel it is well worth the money. There are some small parts (glitter, sequins, etc) so kids four years-old and up would enjoy this.

7 thoughts on “Review: Paper Purses by Klutz”

  1. I love Klutz activities. We just got a card making kit at the shop where I work that looks like it would be great for grownups, too.

  2. This looks adorable! I loved paper dolls when I was a girl. I’ll keep this in mind for a gift for my niece.

  3. We’ve always been happy with the Klutz and Chicken Socks activity book kits. Quiet activities that keep a child engaged at this busy time of year – priceless!

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